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Comment by Joanmarie Weiss on June 10, 2012 at 4:41pm

   Sunday mornings must be a natural favorite time for cows to calve!  We had another new arrival today, which means Monday night church for us... Well, there is much to be thankful for:  healthy new heifer in the milking string, Johann LELY to do the milking (it takes about a week to train new cows to use the robot on their own), and a darling baby heifer calf. 

    It is about 90 out today, so the new little one will be quite comfortable in her own little house.  Mom will quickly find the most pleasant freestall to rest in, we provide fans and sand, just like a breezy day at the beach!  Speaking of which, yesterday we took some dear friends from Germany to Caseville, MI to see part of our Great Lakes.  They just marveled that so much water could be so fresh and clean.  We Michiganians are all very proud of our Great Lakes State.  And, as a dairy farming family, we are committed to making sure we do our part to preserve those beautiful waters.  On our farm, all the manure is put into a cement-lined holding tank.  Then, we apply it to our fields using soil recommendations from a consulting service.  This year we are pleased to find out we don't have to purchase any commercial fertilizers or nitrogen for more than 75% of our corn crop.  Now that is truly sustainable recycling!


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