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I wrote last about the facebook page I created, here it is Sunday four days after I created the group and we are about to brake 8,000 people. What amazes me more is the fact that those 8,000 people are talking about there experiences and expressing their thoughts.

My younger sister, who was the inspiration for the group, attended a FFA event this weekend and people were coming up to her asking if she was my sister. This amazed me as well because all I did was start a group on a site… Continue

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Just Another Way a Dairyman or woman cares for his herd ~

We just received a delivery of 100 tons of sand. This occurs every four weeks. The sand is used in the ........ read more at

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Hello all, My name is Erin Jones and I three days ago I created a Facebook group called I SUPPORT DAIRY FARMERS after my sister came home and told me about the New York State English Regents and ABC bashing dairy farmers in the same day! I decided to make a group after searching for one like it but never expected what I got. In less than 48 hours we have 5,000 members, spanning from here in NYS and as far away as Germany and Alaska. I created the group because I was tired of hearing so many bad… Continue

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In response to the Nightline Story~

In response to the Nightline airing last night depicting the dairy industry in a negative light, I feel I must post a response.

All dairy farms I know treat their animals with the utmost compassion & care. Cleanliness, comfort, and as distress-free of an environment as possible are priorities. I remember the first more at

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Pennsylvania is Proud again!

The Center for Dairy Excellence is letting it's members know they are Proud to Dairy. Check it out to see what they wrote and if you are planning on attending the Dairy Summit, make sure you take notice of Proud to Dairy and the great work that Center for Dairy does.

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Do Dairy Cows Eat Tofu?

Today we had 25 tons of rolled corn grain delivered to our Commodities Barn, one of the many grain deliveries throughout the month.
See what else and how much dairy cows eat throughout the day.....

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Flavored Milk ~ Is it Nutritious? & Recipe for flavored milk syrup

Flavored Milk ~ Is it Nutritious?

Yes, flavored milk is a good source of high-quality protein and offers an individual a package of essential nutrients including calcium, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin D. It is considered a nutrient-rich beverage that supplies many of the nutrients children commonly under-consume.

Added Sugar in Flavored Milk

Store bought flavored 100% milk does have some added sugar.… Continue

Added by Nancy Grossi on January 25, 2010 at 1:18pm — No Comments

Be an Agricultural Ambassador!

As a Penn State Ag Advocate for the College of Agricultural Sciences, I was given the opportunity of attending the 2010 National Ag Ambassador Conference, held this year at University of California-Davis campus. NAAC, an annual event held at different campuses each year, is a leadership conference for college students serving as… Continue

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Cleaning the calf barn~

Cleaning the calf barn ~

Check it out!

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Hormones in Milk ~ things to know

Hormones in Milk ~ things to know about.
ChocoRaz Smoothie

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Happy 2010! New Year, New Opportunities

New years are many times celebrated with new resolutions. I challenge you this year to make one step to promote dairy right where you are. In your classroom, community or computer, there are many ways you can help in sharing your dairy story.

Many times teachers and professors allow students to choose topics for projects. Whether you make a virtual tour of your farm, research the nutritional value of dairy in diets or teach elementary students about the new Old McDonald, there are… Continue

Added by Nicole Scahendorf Heslip on January 21, 2010 at 5:28pm — 2 Comments

New Mexico dairy industry: Growing as it goes

Crescit Eundo. That's the state motto of New Mexico, which was acquired by the United States after the Mexican War around 1848. The phrase means "It grows as it goes," and it was first used in 1882 when it was added to the state seal.

The words are originally from a poem by Roman philosopher Lucretius, who is believed to be describing a thunderbolt increasing in strength through the sky, symbolizing dynamic progress.

Both "crescit eundo" and "dynamic… Continue

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CA Redwood Empire Holstein Association Dinner

Day to day happenings which include the Redwood Empire Holstein Association Dinner

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Raw or Pasteurized?

Raw or Pasteurized? The debate.

Added by Nancy Grossi on January 19, 2010 at 4:43pm — 1 Comment

Food to feed a Crowd ~ Playoff Pleasers

A couple of great chili recipes to with beef and one vegetarian.

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Virtual Farming

With all the online games out there, you may not have heard about the game that allows you to get a Certificate of Sustainability for your online farm. The American Farm Bureau Foundation for Agriculture has set up an online, informational farming site that has games that teach players about farming in the U.S.

"The My American Farm virtual education program is anticipated to engage millions of youth, teachers and… Continue

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What is High Quality Protein? & Provincial Beef Stew recipe

Provential Beef Stew & What is High Quality Protein?
On my blog ~

Please feel free to share the link with your friends!


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The Wife of a Dairyman ~ The Hoof Trimmer

The Hoof Trimmer

Follow day to day happenings of my life as a Wife of a Dairyman on our farm in Northern California. Enjoy great recipes and some fun photos.

Please feel free to share my blog with all of your friends. I'm looking forward to sharing as much information as I can about agriculture and the importance of it in all of our lives.

Just click on The Hoof Trimmer above to visit my… Continue

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O-H-I-O State Grad Takes on a BIG Challenge

During Marion County’s Annual Popcorn Festival in September, the Christmas by Candlelight in December, and even the Marion County Fair in the hot days of the summer, the lives on the dairy of Karl Wedemeyer are going on and work is never stopping.

White Diamond Farm, located in Marion Ohio, is on its way up in cow numbers, production, and reputation.

Karl Wedemeyer is a recent graduate (and when I say recent, I mean Winter Quarter recent!) of The Ohio State University.… Continue

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