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          From the time I was eight years old and attending National Holstein Conventions, the cheers of “O-H-I-O” could be heard at the Junior dances.  These “Buckeyes” were certainly passionate about their…


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Free Cow Traffic

Last week, we opened up the conversation about barn layouts, talking briefly about free cow traffic.

Today, we’d like to talk a little more about the concept of free cow traffic and, once again, open it up for questions and comments.

Free cow traffic – it is their choice

We admit that when we started robotic milking 2 decades ago, we, too, thought that…


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What keeps me going.

As a dairy farmer at a 2900 cow dairy, I wittness life and death everyday.  The other day, we were doing our daily fresh cow checks and we realized that there was one cow missing from the pen that we wanted to check as she was going down in milk.  After getting done with the cows we needed to check, we find that she was detected with mastites and sorted out to be taken to the hospital barn for treatment.  Upon arriving to her, we know something is wrong with her, her eyes are sunk in to the… Continue

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Oregon Dairy Royalty

A little over a month ago now, I was honored to be given the title of Oregon Dairy Princess-Ambassador (ODPA). Over the next year I will travel the state representing dairy farmers and promoting dairy products. I was invited to blog about my experiences once a month over the next year. I am so excited for all of the events that I will do and all the people (mainly children) I will reach to spread the news of dairy farming. So here goes...my first blog entry. 


My first month…


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Be Yourself: A Plea to All Bloggers

When I started blogging I scoured the internet to find Ag bloggers that I could look to for inspiration and advice. Like thousands of now regular readers I found Ree Drummond's blog. Ree, a.k.a. The Pioneer Woman, does a fabulous job of combining cooking, ranching, home schooling, and photography into a dynamic and always interesting blog. I am a regular reader of The Pioneer Woman's blogs and we actually have a lot in common  including cooking.



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The Anniversary Gift that Keeps on Giving

With the Valentine's Day holiday earlier this week, we want to share the “sweet” story of Alan and Sharon Meyer, dairy farmers from Kenyon, Minnesota.

For their anniversary last November, Alan decided the perfect gift for his wife, Sharon, would be to install two Lely Astronaut robotic milking systems on their farm. It may seem an unconventional…


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Enhance Your Farms Facebook Fan Page

In November 2010, I posted a blog on Proud Promotions titled “Create a Facebook Fan Page for Your Farm”. So now you’ve created a Facebook Fan page, what should… Continue

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My road to where I am

I never lived on a dairy farm, but have worked on several throughout my life.  I have always had a passion for the dairy cow growing up, I remember looking out my window at night and watching the heifers grazing in the lush green pasture.  Then years later, that farm sold out and houses have since taken its place.  I worked at several dairy farms after that and then went to UW Madison FISC where I specialized in Dairy Science.  With my experence I gained from FISC, I knew I could do more…


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My 1st Time Experience at the World Ag Expo

A few weeks ago when I first mentioned to Dominic that I was interested in attending the World Ag Expo in Tulare, which is located in the central valley of CA, his response was,…

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Warm up with broccoli cheese soup

Brr! All this cold weather really has me craving for some broccoli cheese soup. I thought I'd share the recipe for the best kind I've ever had, made for me by my Grandma Caldwell while I was home for the holidays.


The best part of this recipe? The dairy ingredients, of course! It calls for six cups of milk, in addition to cheese and butter.



2 tablespoons butter

3/4 cup chopped onion

6 cups water

6 chicken…


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What’s Your 4-H Story?

We all have a 4-H story. That’s why the Iowa 4-H Foundation decided to gather those stories through the “My 4-H. My Commitment.” campaign. Several individuals have already started sharing their stories on the campaign’s YouTube channel, but we’d like to hear from you!

Need some inspiration?

Shannon Latham, Vice President at…


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Claw Care

Sole Ulcers


Sole ulcers are raw sores, which usually occur on the inner side of the outside claw.  It presents as a bulge of granular like tissue protruding through the sole.  Sole ulcers are often associated with clinical manifestations of laminitis.  Most experts believe that if ten percent of a dairy herd has been diagnosed with sold ulcers, laminitis should be suspected.  However, other factors can predispose dairy cows to sole ulcers.  For example, moisture, manure,…


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The Roots of Pride Run Deep

     Dairy farming can be compared to a tree. This simple statement may not have much pizzazz behind it, but it is the best analogy to describe the industry.

     Certain times it grows and prospers. Like a tree in the springtime, the dairy industry will thrive at certain periods. Certain times, however, it…


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Farmers Don’t Get a Day Off

The Midwest (and soon-to-be Northeast) has encountered a lot of snow, ice and wind in the past day or so. Winter weather advisories and blizzard warnings have been issued across multiple states, while schools and businesses quickly made announcements that they would be closing their doors early.

While many folks have been able to stay at home and relax on these wintry days, farmers don’t get the day off, as many agvocates shared via social media.



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Professional Pictures

We all have professional pictures, you know the head shots that we use for our jobs and we almost always hate them but they're the pictures we use the most.  They show up in magazines and marketing material.  For example, this is one of my older head shots.…


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Any folks out there, close to Virginia, with a Jersey or two for sale? I'm down some cows and really need to replace them ASAP!!!!!!!

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Cool Cows!

    Tonight we are under a blizzard warning.  For us here on the dairy farm, that means moving the snow already on the ground further out of the way so we can accomodate the new snow falling tonight.  Tomorrow we will get up, trudge through the snow drifts (will it really snow a foot tonight!?), scrape snow from the barnyard, get cows out of their comfortable freestalls into the stanchion barn, and milk.  What usually takes about fifteen minutes will probably take two or three times…


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