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After College: Job Hunting During Tough Economic Times

Job hunting during one of the worst economic eras since the Great Depression is more than a challenge, especially for recent grads.

In college, professors and industry folks tell you to get as involved as possible in clubs, national associations, etc., and to meet as many people as you can. They tell you job hunting is hard. They tell you…


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Things that happen in the heifer pasture

Spring is on the way and the heifers are ecstatic…

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Meet Lely Producers, Mark and Sandra Ehrhardt

Today, we invite you to hear from Sandra Ehrhardt, as she talks about their farm’s robotic milking story.

On November 9, 2010, Mark and Sandra Ehrhardt installed Lely’s Astronaut A3 Next robotic milking system on their dairy. Since then, the robotic milker has handled the job of milking for their herd of 65 cows.

For more videos from Lely, visit…


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A "Good Problem" we're encountering...

     1997:  Roger sends his Dad to auction to buy a used bulk tank "bigger than we'll ever need, but if the price is right..."

     2011:  "About the bulk tank, Dear..."  What is a bulk tank, you ask?  A bulk tank is where milk is stored on the farm until the milkman comes to take it to the factory.  It keeps milk refrigerated and stirs it regularly so cream does not separate from the milk; this assures consumers a fresh, safe gallon of milk at the grocery…


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A Kid and a Calf

There is almost nothing I enjoy more than watching my kids interact with animals.  Especially farm animals.   With dairy calves, just the kindness of them with a child is so pleasurable to watch.
A baby with a…

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