March 2014 Blog Posts (6)

"The Pasture Cows"

"It all started back in March of '13..."

I hope one day, when the years have made me wiser, I will sit back and tell my future children the whole story. The story of our grand adventure building our new barn and how it all turned out so wonderfully. …


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Sharing for the Future

Last week I went to Michigan Farm Bureau’s Winter Commodity Meeting. In this meeting were representatives from each commodity from throughout the state. Various speakers and guests talked about a lot of the issues facing agriculture today and in the future. Everything from antibiotic resistant bacteria to global warming to water laws to immigrant labor and antibiotic restrictions were discussed throughout the course of the two days.

By the end of the conference I was…


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Town Kids and "Moo Cows"

Lauren and Jake are my two good friends who helped me with my Flavor Face-Off video.  They are both town kids.  They didn't know anything about dairy before I introduced them.  They knew I had "moo cows" and thought they were cute.  Jake got all excited one day when he had just got boots and wanted to wear them out to the farm when we went.  
I take them with me some times on weekends to do chores while we are hanging out together.…

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A look at U.S. and German Milk Prices

     Are you familiar with 4-H IFYE (Int'l farm Youth Exchange)?  We host young people each summer on our farm.  A potential young farmer in Germany must attend ag school to learn modern farm practices, gov't regulations, and get licensed.  Students also do an international internship for six months.  (In the USA, German IFYEs visit six farms in six months.)  When we were in Germany in November 2013, we visited many IFYE friends.

     Hendrik Luebben (2003 IFYE) lives in northern…


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Welcome Mark Rose |Lely Farm Management Support

Lely  is pleased to announce a new addition to the Farm Management Support team, Lely "family member," Mark Rose. Rose will join the team as a nutritionist, bringing with him a strong academic background and years of experience. Among his varying duties, Rose will work with external feed and nutrition companies on a regular basis to promote and explain the Lely farm…


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A Chipotle Farmers Reaction to "Farmed and Dangerous"

Last May I shared a blog on Proud to Dairy about how our farm is connected to Chipotle Restaurants, and I also shared a smaller version on my personal Facebook page.  My objective was to let people know that when they eat at Chipotle they are supporting their friend.  In September Chipotle released their Scarecrow video, and Dairy Carrie wrote a blog expressing her concern about the portrayal of farming in the video.   I reached out to her and was asked to…


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