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A FARM girl and her bathtub

A FARM girl and her bathtub

Being a farmer doesn’t mean I’m less of a girl/woman. It is hard to say what I am, being 31 doesn’t qualify me as a woman because I look like a 20 year old (at least that’s what I think, on a good sunny, my…


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A 1,600 Ton delivery

Our biggest delivery of the year.

As I was headed down our driveway the other day, just before cresting the hill to drive down the hill, I see a very large load traveling up in the opposite direction. I stop to wait (it's a one lane drive). The silage trucks are coming. This means silage more...........…


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Support Senate Bill 1645 “Federal Milk Marketing Improvement Act of 2009”

We’re writing to encourage fellow dairy producers to support Senate Bill 1645 “Federal Milk Marketing Improvement Act of 2009”. The objective of S1645 is to stabilize farm milk prices at a level that will provide dairy farmers with sufficient income to cover their cost of production. We like S1645 because it includes a cost of…


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Contest 2010 is here!

Proud to Dairy is holding a photo contest. The criteria is really quite simple. Post a creative picture featuring the Proud to Dairy logo. Put the logo anywhere, on anything or anyone in a way that might be creative or interesting. You may post multiple photos, so have fun with it and enjoy the contest. Make sure you keep checking out the Proud to Dairy site to see what others are submitting. Photo editing is also an element that can add flair to your… Continue

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When it comes to building dreams and families, Clay Walker

of Bokchito is the man.

Clay's story starts in Texas, when his best friend told him that he had fired his milkhand, and, like any good friend, asked Clay if he could help out. Low and behold,…


Added by Kelsey Holter on May 14, 2010 at 11:19am — 1 Comment

Dairy Goddess aims to connect to consumers through social media, farmstead cheese

The Dairy Goddess label hasn't always been attached to Barbara Martin, though many people know her as that now. Before she became the social media diva for the dairy industry, Martin actually ran through some horrible luck… Continue

Added by Ryan Curtis on May 14, 2010 at 10:00am — 3 Comments

How Cows Become Pregnant.......not how you may think.

Dominic and my father in law, George, do all of the breeding of cows here on our ranch. This is done by artificial insemination (AI). Most cows and heifers become pregnant this way and see more.....…


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Milk and Festas

This is one of our Portuguese cooking class. Pam Real came with her friend Dot Jones. She enjoyed eating filhoses and drinking milk with the kids.

The following text was sent to us by Mary S. Fernandes.

I want to talk about my 4-H Portuguese cooking class. It has been so much fun. My kids know that every time we have a cooking class that we will have milk. In our last class, we made… Continue

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Milk, cola and the strength of your bones

Well, I guess I'm going to have to give up my Cocktail of Choice - rum and diet cola :(

I just came across a very interesting article in the L.A. Times about a study linking cola consumption to weaker bones. If you want stronger more.....…


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An afternoon at the Birthing Barn

The kids and I were at the birthing barn while Dominic was feeding the calves the other day. It's fun to visit the barn, the kids love feeding the calves their alfalfa and letting the calves suck more......…


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Raw milk debate information Raw Milk is in the news again due to illnesses reported in Michigan. While the illnesses are recent, the debate on raw milk, food safety, and consumer choice is at the core of the discussion.…


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