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Spring Planting

Getting late corn should be in. We still have 25 A. to go.The land here in Wi. is stii to wet to plant more.

We have about 45 A. of new seeding to plant. Hope it dries up soon.


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more young dairyman& women

i would like to here other people,s story on how they became to be in the dairy buisness? im 33 yrs old and have been running my own dairy for 14 yrs and milk 220 cow,s what,s your  story??

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ISU Extension Offers Tours of Robotic Milkers

Are you looking to tour a robotic dairy farm? Would you like to see how they work in person? If so, you’re in luck because ISU Extension is offering a tour of robotic milkers in June.

ISU Extension has the full tour, as well as directions to each farm, listed on their website. The following is an excerpt from…


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Robot barn progressing well, anyone got extra transponders?

      The rain keeps us out of the fields, but does not slow down the robot barn building too much.  In fact, the building project keeps our minds diverted from thinking about how far behind we are in field work... We did mow some hay yesterday and will chop tomorrow if all goes well.  (It looks like rain right now, but maybe it will go around us)



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Education Opportunities

Hey everyone! It's been a while since I've posted a blog but I've really enjoyed reading everyone elses. It's awesome to know the dairy industry is full of supportive people! I've been really busy with the farm and school but I have wanted to share an experience from my spring semester.


You may be wondering why I'm going to back to school at the age of (soon to be 26) and dairy farming at the same time. My reasons start with the ever changing milk prices. Don't get me wrong,…


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Powerful Promotion Results—Your Checkoff Dollars Working For You

June is Dairy Month! Gather your friends and raise a glass of milk to this fantastic industry. This month, many checkoff-funded state, regional and national promotion organizations provide opportunities for consumers to interact with dairy farmers and learn more about where their favorite dairy products come from.

State and regional promotion organizations reach consumers through a variety of events, social media and other tools to drive sales. They also strive to create more…


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Villa Rosa Dairy and Illinois Partners talk Robotic Milking

A couple of months ago, we talked about a YouTube video, courtesy of Illinois Partners, in the blog, Illinois Partners Features Villa Rosa Dairy.

Today, we ‘d like to continue that discussion and invite you to read a recent online article by…


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Wordless Wednesday - May 11

Earlier this week, we shared a "Wordless Wednesday" post on Today, we'd like to share that photo on Proud to Dairy, as well.

As many of you know, Wednesdays have a certain “look” thanks to the Wordless Wednesday (WW) blogosphere phenomenon. As described by, Wordless Wednesday “is a simple blog post featuring a photo which conveys a message that speaks for itself without using words.”

So, in honor of this Wordless Wednesday tradition, we share the below…


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Friday the 13th bodes well


        Yesterday at lunch we got a phone call from Iowa informing us our LELY was on a truck and ready to "immigrate" to Michigan.  (I am thinking of this whole venture in terms of history , my college major...What would Johann Leonhard…


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PETA...what can I say?

Today I got an email from the Progressive Dairyman as usual, and I read through it. But what really caught my eye was the article about how PETA is opening up about their dairy standards, such as group penning of heifer calves and no more dehorning and docking of tails. I decided to comment during the free time I had during horticulture class and I will tell you, I was not very happy. I complained on… Continue

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Hello, everyone!


My name is Katie Dellar, and I own a dairy farm in NE lower Michigan with my husband Jason.  We are the owners/operators of the entire operation, and we are raising four children on our farm.  Kiersten-5, Matthew- almost 4, Victoria-2 and Will-9months.  We milk roughly 50-70 cows mostly holsteins with a few jerseys (my suggestion ;)) plus dry cows and raise our own young stock. 

I run a Facebook page called Dairy Mom which I started about 6 months ago.  I do this because I…


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Thanks be to Moms

The month of May we celebrate moms everywhere.  While the actual holiday of Mother’s Day is just over a century  old in the United States, celebrating motherhood dates back to ancient Egypt, several goddesses and of course, Christianity’s ultimate mother, Mary.


The MMMs…Moms, Mary and May.  Thanks to our moms, we wouldn’t be here without them.  Let’s take…


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Buillding our robot barn begins

   We had a beautiful set of blueprints for our robot barn drawn in January.  We naively thought our plans were good to go!  Each step of the project brings new ideas and challenges, and we are now aware that this is a real work in progress.  We are becoming more cautious about our decisions, consulting more experts as we don't want to have to redo something in a year or so when we find out our plans didn't work in the real world.…


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Changing the Game: Technology

Through the years the dairy industry has made some dramatic changes.  A lot of them are related back to advances in technology.  As technology has advanced food production has too.  These advancements have allowed us to make more food cheaper and safer!  Dairy farming is no different in the technology department and I'm going to share one of my favorite farm toys with you.


I hope you remember my Wordless Wednesday from yesterday because we are going to revisit it.  Some cows…


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Alltech Farming Film Festival

Get your video cameras ready for the Alltech Farming Film Festival video contest! This contest gives farmers a chance to tell the story of a game changing idea or technology that helped them meet the challenges of farming. Oh, and did we mention that first prize is $2,000?

It’s simple to enter. Just shoot your video, upload it to YouTube and send an email to

Deadline is May 13th, 2011.

The below video and information is courtesy of…


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