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Wordless Wednesday: Old Glory

In honor of Independence Day and trying to channel warm thoughts my Wordless Wednesday is featuring the beautiful Red, White and Blue!  I can't lie to you, it doesn't seem like July 4th is on Monday, it was 55 degrees when I went outside this morning.  But like I said, I'm trying to channel warm thoughts.  So here it is!



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A Different Duck

Today, I'm going to take a different route for my blog post.  I have been back home on the family farm for one and a half months now and I'm feeling in a reflective mood.  It's still ironic that I'm finally here after all the years of telling people that's what I was going to do.



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National Convention 2011...

Wow, after two days I am finally back in the swing of things after a week in Richmond, Virginia at the National Holstein Convention.

While the speech, jeopardy, and quizbowl contests went great, is that what we really came for? For you it may be, but that is not what the week is to me. It is dancing the night away at junior mixers, playing cards in the lobby, and just sitting around reconnecting out with friends that share the same passion as you. I only see some of the these people…


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Keeping it REAL

One day when I grow up, I want to be a brave and fearless shopper.  Growing up in rural Michigan, trips to the grocery store usually result in bumping carts with at least one neighbor, family member or friend of the family.  The farm scene of pulling up along side the road found its way into the store as carts parked and neighbors caught up.


Moving off the…


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What College didn't Teach

College was a great experience for me. I have tons of memories, friends and lessons that I'll never forget.  But there are a lot of things I didn't learn in college that they should have classes for.  These are the real world things that everyone should know how to do.


#1 How to move.…


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I Scream... For Homemade Vanilla!!!!!!!!

Hey all!

It's that time again... to vote for your favorite ice cream flavor in the 2011 Ice Cream Flavor Face-Off!!!


First, thanks to all who voted for Homemade Vanilla in Round 1!!!


Here are some links that will take you to some yummy homemade ice cream recipes, just in case you want to try it out before you vote for it!…


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Calling all Ice Cream Enthusiasts

I'm very excited to announce that with your help my ice cream flavor has made it to Round 2 of the Flavor Face-Off Tournament for June is Dairy Month!  Thank you so much to everyone that helped me out and voted, your support is much appreciated and I hope you will continue to support me and the MSU Dairy Store.



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Welcome Visitors at Your Farm

Do you open your dairy farm to tour groups? Many consumers are very interested in food production. They want to know how cows are treated, where they live, what they eat, how we handle calves, and so on. The best way to share this is to show them how you operate… Continue

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Johann LELY has reported to work

        We started milking with our LELY automated system yesterday evening at 4:30p.m. and at 4:00 a.m. we had put all 61 cows through the robot once.  There is a big learning curve, but the calmness of our cows has been commented on by the LELY trainees.  It is exciting.  The barn has fit well into our existing exercise yard for the cows.  Its a 24/3 training session, then we can see how it goes on their own on the 4th day.

        Lots of people came to check it out, and our son's…


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Why should city folks care about June Dairy Month??

This is a blog I wrote on goodblogs.com about why our non-farming friends should care about where their milk and cheese comes from....


June is Dairy Month, but why should you give a hoot?

I grew up on a dairy farm in Southern Wisconsin and am still involved with the dairy industry on several levels, including writing for a regional dairy publication. Many of you reading this likely drink milk and eat cheese, yogurt and ice cream. What do you know about where…


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Progressive Dairyman is searching for best dairy promotion events

We know you’re Proud to Dairy…now Progressive Dairyman wants to know how you show that pride. Starting this June, we are searching for the best dairy promotion events in the country, and we need your help.

We want to hear about the promotional events you participate in, whether it’s something you attend every year, a place where you volunteer your time, or an event you help coordinate.

To enter, please send the name of the event, location, host organization and the… Continue

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Why Blue Moon is Best!

It is time once again for Progressive Dairyman’s Flavor Face-off in celebration of June Dairy Month. For those of you unfamiliar with the contest, it is an… Continue

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Flavor Face-Off Needs Your Vote

In honor of June is Dairy Month, a dairy publication is hosting a great contest.  They are playing a March Madness type tournament with ice cream flavors.  The contest is called the Ice Cream Flavor Face-Off and it’s hosted by Progressive Dairyman.



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Breakfast in the Barn!

From Wisconsin to Michigan, June Dairy Month means Breakfast on the Farm!  With such great success in Michigan since the first three years ago, Breakfast on the Farm is expanding across the state and regionally connecting to consumers throughout the summer.


One Extension educator started in her county after seeing success in Wisconsin, and they came in droves.  Nearly 10,000 people have made it to breakfast and the farmers are serving up Michigan's finest.  As for producers…


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