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Having company over to dinner

I think the dairy gods are trying to tell me something.

I need to visit Wisconsin.

Here's what I know about Wisconsin. In Wisconsin they have beer and cheese and cows.

Three of my most favorite things on the planet. 

Why am I waiting? I should book my trip now!

In real life, I'm working on a trip to Wisconsin ASAP. As soon as I can find space between kids activities and other responsibilities, I'm on the next flight to Green Bay. I'm even a Packers…


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Dairy Diaries

There are a lot of days where I feel my life should be a reality television show.  Okay, maybe that was a lie.  I feel everyday of my life should be on a reality television show. You never know what the farm will throw at you and how your day will go.  This is one of the reasons why I enjoy being on the farm because there is never a dull moment.  But at the same time you never know what will be thrown your way.…


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The Calm Before the (Corn) Storm

The tall, swaying stalks out my bedroom window make it impossible to ignore: fall is here. More specifically, as the Dairy Man keeps reminding me, corn harvest is almost here.

DM is charged with nervous energy and dancing around the house humming “It’s the mooooost wonderful tiiiiiime of the yeeeeeear.”

I, on the other hand, start hearing the music from Jaws: “Daaaaa dum, daaaaa dum, daaaaaa dum da dum daaaa dum.” This week truly is the calm…


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Randy Winch Blog 2

Hi I'm Randy winch. I live on a dairy farm that owns 300 cows. this fall, so far we've had 17 female calves and 12 male calves. The boy calves we sell. In the barn doing chores it's noisy!!!!


It takes about 2-3 feedings to get the calves sucking good on bottle.   My favorite part about feeding calves is getting them on the rack so we don't have to go in the pen and feed them.  One time we had 9 calves born in one day!


To bring a calf into the…


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Matthew Winch Blog 2

Number 11 she was born September 3, 2013.  In one day she got on the rack in two feedings.  We had to weigh her and dip her navel and dehorn her after she was born.  And she is black.  And I have a chore and it is grain.  I have to give calves their grain.   And my favorite thing is to feed the calves milk.  And I like to mix up milk.  And I like to get the calves on the rack.

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Wesley Winch Blog 2

I like feeding calves their milk. We use milk replacer and then we put it in bottles. Next we feed the calves their milk. And when they are all done we collect the bottles and wash them. And then we hang them on the rack to dry when we are done washing them. And then we are done feeding the calves. My favorite part about feeding calves is training them to the rack. I like feeding calves in my blue coveralls from UdderTech.

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Best Memory

September 2013

I'm sure it'll be hard to choose, but what has been your favorite memory from a cow show? 

Probably my best show memory was the 2012 Heart of America Southwestern Brown Swiss Show.  It was my very first national show.  I just had one Swiss that I could take, JUICY.  

She placed sixth in her…


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