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How Will Agvocacy Evolve in 2011?

In preparation for the upcoming New Year, we’ve reflected on our “agvocate” New Year’s resolutions, along with how we can better incorporate YouTube into our story-telling efforts.

To bring to a close 2010 and gear up for 2011 (yes, it’s only 2 days away!?), we’d like to send one final inspiration your way and share a video released by AgChat in September titled,…


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Defining Agriculture


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During the Holiday Season - Tell the Family History of Your Farm

During the holiday season, people are focused on family. This is the perfect opportunity for us in agriculture to tell the story of our family farming history. Few people are involved in the production of food in the United States. Some have a connection to agriculture such as fond memories of visiting their grandfather’s farm. For others, their only knowledge of dairy farming or food production is what they see on the news, read in books or learn on the Internet.

We in agriculture… Continue

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Robot milkers with compost bedding barns

I been doing a lot of research on milking robots and the new concept of compost bedding pack barns. I was wonder does any one know of any dairy that have combined both of these new concepts into one.

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Proud Sister


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The Many Jobs, The Many Passions, The Many Skills

Last week I passed along a tweet from an AgChat friend about the many hats a farmer wears.  When I read her blog post I got inspired to write about this topic as well.

From Jen Gillespie's Post entitled "A Farmer's Many Hats" (click title to view the entire post)

"Although the number and type of 'hats' each farmer wears is different, you can bet…


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Your Farm and YouTube

Last week we talked about New Year’s resolutions, asking:

“What are your ‘agvocate’ New Year’s resolutions?”

Here at Lely, we recognize there are many ways to be an agvocate, whether it’s posting on Facebook, sharing stories on a blog, sending messages over Twitter or showcasing…


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Congratulations, Blesy Farms

Nathan and Barbara Blesy of Springville, NY, were recently recognized with the New York Farm Bureau Young Farmer Achievement Award at the December 7, 2010, annual meeting. The award recognizes young farmers for their agricultural pursuits and leadership within the community.

For more on this exciting news, visit

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Updated Dietary Recommendations from Institute of Medicine

More good news for dairy!

The Institute of Medicine released new dietary recommendations for calcium and vitamin D, taking special note of the important role of enough vitamin D and calcium in one’s diet. These recommendations, known as Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI), are used by both health professionals and policy makers to guide consumers’ dietary patterns. While the daily calcium recommendations remain similar to previous DRI values, vitamin D recommendations…


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World Dairy Expo Seeks 2011 Award Nominations

Is there someone you consider to be an outstanding leader in the dairy industry? Would you like to recognize them at the dairy industry’s international meeting place? If so, you are in luck!

It may seem like World Dairy Expo just wrapped up its 2010 event, but they’re already planning for 2011! Right now, Expo is taking nominations for Industry Person of the Year, Dairyman of the Year, Dairy Woman of the Year and International Person of the Year.



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"rbST Free" Hormones in Milk, What's the Difference?

We, as consumers, are bombarded on a daily basis regarding the safety of the food we consume. Is coffee bad for you? Is chocolate bad for you? Beef; grass fed, natural or feed lot finished, does it make a difference in how healthy the product is? And then there's MILK. This wonderfully wholesome product get's the worst of the backlash {in my opinion}. There are many avenues I could touch on relating to misconceptions of milk to share with you, but today, it's hormones - bST and rbST- which…


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Tis the season to look back upon the decision that started it all

Whenever I think of my favorite holiday memories, the obvious choices of good times shared with friends and family always come to mind, but the one that stands out was the night that essentially made me who I am today.

My brother was interested in joining Enumclaw’s Chinook 4-H club in fall 2000 so we went to their Christmas party. At the time, I wasn’t thinking about joining 4-H and only went because my mom made me go. I also didn’t know that it would be a major turning point in my… Continue

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Southern Great Plains Dairy Consortium offers exceptional educational, networking and social opportunities to dairy students

The holidays aren’t the only thing just around the corner—internship and summer program applications are due soon too. For more information on finding and internship, please see my last blog post.

In addition to internships, summer programs that allow you to get away from your home university can be a great addition to your college career. The Southern Great Plains Dairy Consortium is one such program. It’s no secret that I have been very involved over the last four and a half years.… Continue

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