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An update from the Moogician: Dairy parody videos

Editor's note: In 2012, we featured Todd Charles and his "Moogician" act, where he dresses in a cow-themed costume and performs jokes and magic tricks while promoting dairy consumption and dairy farming. Todd contacted us to let us know he and his team have released two dairy parody videos, "The Milk (is the Champion) Song" and "The Cheese Song." Learn more about the videos…


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The Hardest Decision A Dairy Farmer Has To Make!

We have been facing the hardest decision a dairy farmer ever has to make – whether or not to sell his cows. After months of hard thought and long emotional discussions, we have decided that we are going to sell our herd. This hasn’t been an easy decision to make, since the farm has been in the family for three generations. It was bought by Steve’s grandfather in 1929 who started a mixed breed dairy herd and maple sugar business. The farm was taken over in…


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On Proud to Dairy, how do I customize my page?

The following tips come from the help section of If you’re not yet a member of the Proud to Dairy network, join today at Earn a free hat by posting a blog or video about what makes you Proud to Dairy.

By default, your My Page automatically takes the theme and appearance settings of the Proud to Dairy network, but you can change the theme and…


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Uniting as a family is a better way to promote ag

Many dairy farm families have had to work through a difficult calving together and my family is no exception.  Back in June, our four year old cow, Rose, was in labor with a calf that was facing forward, but was upside down.  Compounding the problem was the calf's head-which kept flopping over to the side.  Our vet drove across the county to assist us and we all focused on manipulating the calf in order to extract it without harming Rose.  We rolled Rose over to untwist her uterus so…


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Where did the summer go?

My elders are always saying that time never seems to slow down. As the cool crisp air of fall brushes against my cheeks, I cringe at how quickly this past summer flew by. It seems like just yesterday it was the middle of May, and we were separating the show yearlings from the rest of their age group. Thus marking the beginning of summer. We had the county state fair selection show, dairy breakfast, and enjoyed a nice Memorial Day weekend all while school was still in session. It wasn't until…


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Have your puck and eat it too

Corn harvest started here this week.  That means long days and short nights around here for a month or better. 

Harvest is my favorite time of year.  I like it more than New Years for that feeling of renewal and new beginnings. However, it does present a few challenges.  For me, I become a single parent as my husband is in a corn chopper sun-up to sundown.  I don’t mind a bit, but keeping the household running at it’s typical efficiency – which occasionally hits moderate success, but…


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Think before you Post

There is something that has been on my mind about our industry and production agriculture in general for quite some time that I believe that we need to reflect on as we try to educate the public on our way of life, and to be a face that they put on their food.  It was one of the reasons that I initially left the industry and the reason I was leary to come back to the industry and something that still worries me as the industry tries to be more transparent due to consumer demand.  It is the…


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Love For The Show Cows

As Maryland State Fair cow shows come closer and closer I remember why I started showing. Although I am not showing here it still reminds me why I love to go down to the state fair and watch as well as hand out ribbons at the show as a Dairy Maid.

Show cows have a special place in my heart for many reasons. Show cows come out into the ring clipped and clean, tails fluffed and udders shiny. They look like the top models.

Show cows have that love that can never get rid of. Show…


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Cleared for takeoff-my account of a robot startup

On the morning of August 5th, 2014 the black and white beauties walked through the milking parlor for the last time at Hillside Farm.…


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Make Hay When the Sun Shines

As farmers we all know the old adage, "Make Hay When the Sun Shines." Our growing seasons seem to revolve around it and I feel like my daily life follows closely with it. You never know when that small rain storm is going to come through and ruin your chance for cutting hay. Or when that piece is of equipment is going to break down and ruin the entire day. …


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Jersey Proud to Dairy

Back in 2012, our staff had an idea to create additional versions of the Proud to Dairy logo using other breeds of dairy cows.

We decided to move forward with a Jersey breed version. So the design team at Progressive Publishing went to work on designing the Jersey cow that would take its place in the Proud to Dairy logo.

Illustrator Kevin D. Brown worked on the drawing and digitizing of the cow and the first hat mockup was created. After consulting with a…


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Our Farm Family Grows

       Our son, Scott, and his wife, Beth, married last September.  Lillian Louise Weiss was born on 7-11-14, a "Slurpee" baby!  She is the 7th generation to live at Weiss Centennial Farm.  Scott and Beth currently live in the Altsitz (German for "home where the old people sit"), a half mile from…


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Community Pride

Living a rural community, it feels like we are all family.  We may not be family by blood but there is something about the rural way of life and values that pulls us all together.  We can celebrate together at a wedding, cheer for each other’s child at a game, be a shoulder to cry one with the loss of a loved one, and pull together in a time of crisis.  These past two days I have witnessed the last one first hand.

On Sunday June 29, 2014, late in the evening, around 10 p.m. to be…


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U.S. Dairy Education and Training Consortium students are Proud to Dairy

Traveling from three different countries (U.S., Canada and New Zealand) and 16 universities, about 50 young men and women are participating in the 2014 U.S. Dairy Education and Training Consortium. This six-week course allows these students to hear and learn from esteemed professors from all over the country to enhance…


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Yup, that's me - the transition cow

Three months ago, I made the commitment that come June I would pack up my belongings and head out to the famous potato state to pursue an internship with Progressive Dairyman; a job in which I'm quite enthused about. Looking back, the moments that led up to June and to where I am today, I'd like to refer as my transition period.

Yes, I was the transition cow. Well, undergoing stress as if I was in her state of being. 

It was three weeks pre-departure…


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American Dreamin' in the neighborhood

Yay! It’s almost Independence Day!


It’s one of my favorite holidays.


No, I take that back. It’s totally my favorite holiday.




Obviously, I’m a proud American and embrace the tradition of celebrating our history. But, it’s also about my own family traditions.


When I was in grade school and on into junior high, my cousins and my siblings would come in from all over the West to visit my grandmother. In my…


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Proud to Dairy

With June and the celebration of June dairy month rapidly passing us by, I have been thinking about what it is I want to portray to all those folks who graciously read the stories I have to tell and the pictures I share. What an amazing opportunity to tell the world about the industry I love and I'm too tired at night to even pick my hands up to type.  That's summer on a dairy farm for ya. 

But when I opened this page to write what I hoped might be inspirational for…


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Reflecting on the Busy Year

Memorial Day will always have unique meaning to me after last year. This is the anniversary of when we started milking with Lely A4 robots. Let me tell you, this past year has been one wild ride! Between getting the cows used to the robots, learning how to manage a herd with robots and surviving the arctic winter we learned a lot. So here are some things we learned over the last 365 days.…


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The Cows Are Out!

We got the dreaded phone call last night at 1:30 am, saying "The cows are out!". The worst part was, they weren't even ours! A passing motorist stopped in at our farm and woke up Steve's folks to let them know that there were cows wandering down the paved main road. They called us and Steve went down to round them up. However, once he got there, he discovered that it was our neighbor's mixed breed group of heifers, not our Jerseys! But Steve did the neighborly thing and drove them 1/2 mile…


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About Me

So I am new to blogging. But I love to type and talk about my dairy. I am Mackenzie Underwood. My grandparents own a dairy farm, Pioneer Valley Farm. I am in 4-h where I have the Dairy and Dairy Steer projects. I am also on the Jr Fair Board, coming up with activites and things to do with kids at the Cecil County Fair. I am also a Dairy Maid (Dairy Royalty). I am training to become a princess in 2014. This is all for now. But I will post much, much more (:

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