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Telling Stories

I have to tell you about one of my projects.  

I've been wanting to tackle this for a decade, it seems. But life tends to get in the way of good intentions, doesn't it? 

My county has a great history. I think most do, but ours is a true wild west legacy. For many years, Lincoln County, Idaho was the end of the rail line, home of the coldest beer in the west and filled with the stories that only a town populated by miners, railroad men and ranchers can tell. I've lived here…


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In a Crisis...

You do your best to prevent it, but sometimes there's no avoiding a crisis.  On a farm this could be a disease outbreak, an accident, a fire, natural disaster, environmental damage or even death.  What do you do when the media comes knocking, looking for the story to your loss?

First and foremost, get your game plan together.  You can come up with a crisis communications plan before an issue ever arises.  For the unexpected situation, you might not have time.  Once the immediate…


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Stearns County Breakfast on the Farm – June 1, 2013

Lely is a proud sponsor of Stearns County Breakfast on the Farm! We invite you and your family to join others for a great breakfast, learning and fun on the farm Saturday, June 1, 2013, at Lely “family member,” Groetsch Dairy near Albany, Minn.

There’s something fun for…


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Tell Your Dairy Story or Someone Will Tell it For You

Most American’s have never been to a dairy farm. They haven’t had the opportunity to walk through a freestall barn, smell a handful of fresh cattle feed, seen the inside of a milking parlor, or pet a calf in her hutch.…


Added by Brenda Hastings on February 17, 2012 at 8:13am — 3 Comments

Winter on the Farm

Christmas card images of winter on the farm often depict a barn roof, farm house and a lone cow beautifully blanketed in snow on a clear day. Winter does create some beautiful images on the farm, however the reality is not always so glamorous. Winter brings a new set of challenges to everyday work on the farm.…


Added by Brenda Hastings on December 15, 2011 at 6:31am — 3 Comments

Breakfast in the Barn!

From Wisconsin to Michigan, June Dairy Month means Breakfast on the Farm!  With such great success in Michigan since the first three years ago, Breakfast on the Farm is expanding across the state and regionally connecting to consumers throughout the summer.


One Extension educator started in her county after seeing success in Wisconsin, and they came in droves.  Nearly 10,000 people have made it to breakfast and the farmers are serving up Michigan's finest.  As for producers…


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Things that happen in the heifer pasture

Spring is on the way and the heifers are ecstatic…

Added by Nancy Grossi on March 15, 2011 at 1:42pm — 2 Comments

Enhance Your Farms Facebook Fan Page

In November 2010, I posted a blog on Proud Promotions titled “Create a Facebook Fan Page for Your Farm”. So now you’ve created a Facebook Fan page, what should… Continue

Added by Brenda Hastings on February 15, 2011 at 9:00am — 1 Comment

Farmers Don’t Get a Day Off

The Midwest (and soon-to-be Northeast) has encountered a lot of snow, ice and wind in the past day or so. Winter weather advisories and blizzard warnings have been issued across multiple states, while schools and businesses quickly made announcements that they would be closing their doors early.

While many folks have been able to stay at home and relax on these wintry days, farmers don’t get the day off, as many agvocates shared via social media.



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Progressive Dairyman – Canada features Robotic Milking

There’s some exciting news coming out of Canada!

Progressive Dairyman – Canada

First, Progressive Dairyman introduces us to Progressive Dairyman – Canada, a new addition for readers in Canada, scheduled to be published six times in 2011. Targeted to all dairy producers and related industry professionals in Canada, it will follow a similar editorial and ad format to the Progressive Dairyman – U.S. edition.…


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Calf Tongues

Today while the kids were in school I took a leisurely walk down to the calf barn.  Sometimes it's nice to experience all the calf and cow sounds on my own, without two loud kids at my heels.  Don't get me wrong, I love when the kids come down with me, which is most of the time. …

Added by Nancy Grossi on January 14, 2011 at 12:12pm — No Comments

KELOLAND TV Features Robotic Dairy Farm

We’re excited to share news that South Dakota has become home to it’s first robotic dairy. Keloland TV recently featured Stuart Plucker’s farm in, Mechanized Milking.

Visit for more!

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How Will Agvocacy Evolve in 2011?

In preparation for the upcoming New Year, we’ve reflected on our “agvocate” New Year’s resolutions, along with how we can better incorporate YouTube into our story-telling efforts.

To bring to a close 2010 and gear up for 2011 (yes, it’s only 2 days away!?), we’d like to send one final inspiration your way and share a video released by AgChat in September titled,…


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During the Holiday Season - Tell the Family History of Your Farm

During the holiday season, people are focused on family. This is the perfect opportunity for us in agriculture to tell the story of our family farming history. Few people are involved in the production of food in the United States. Some have a connection to agriculture such as fond memories of visiting their grandfather’s farm. For others, their only knowledge of dairy farming or food production is what they see on the news, read in books or learn on the Internet.

We in agriculture… Continue

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Your Farm and YouTube

Last week we talked about New Year’s resolutions, asking:

“What are your ‘agvocate’ New Year’s resolutions?”

Here at Lely, we recognize there are many ways to be an agvocate, whether it’s posting on Facebook, sharing stories on a blog, sending messages over Twitter or showcasing…


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Congratulations, Blesy Farms

Nathan and Barbara Blesy of Springville, NY, were recently recognized with the New York Farm Bureau Young Farmer Achievement Award at the December 7, 2010, annual meeting. The award recognizes young farmers for their agricultural pursuits and leadership within the community.

For more on this exciting news, visit

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Create a Facebook Fan Page for Your Farm

Creating a Facebook Fan page for your farm is a great way to share information with consumers. It’s easy to create and free. Here are some examples of dairy farm Facebook pages:



Dial Dairy

Gilmer Dairy…


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Thank You, Farmers!

In the spirit of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, we want to share with you a YouTube video, courtesy of AmericasFarmers’s Channel, that gives “thanks” to America’s farmers.

Watch as people are interviewed from various cities around the country and see their reaction as they learn that each American farm family will feed 155…


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Left Stranded

Being stranded. It's a helpless feeling. I was just minding my own business over at the calf barn, waiting for Paige and Dominic to come back so we could feed the calves when "Charlie" the larger of the two bulls we have here on the ranch more............

Nancy Grossi

The Wife of a Dairyman

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Nothing like a hand sucking in the a.m.-dairy farm style

I am SO loving that school is out for the summer. Our mornings are so relaxed and we have time to hang out with Dominic on the ranch.
This morning Dominic was replacing the straw bedding for the calves in the calf barn so Bryce, Paige and I tagged along.…

Added by Nancy Grossi on June 13, 2010 at 1:50pm — 2 Comments


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