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Target or Attraction? Social Media project has its pros and cons

“The whale that sticks his head up is the one that gets shot.”

That’s the line my husband uses every time I ask him to do more public relations for the dairy.

To him, a Facebook page, a website or a Twitter account is just like putting a bulls-eye on his hind end.

“Besides, we’ve spent decades developing a certain way of doing business – we’re not going to give it away for free,” he says.

His sentiments are much like those of many other dairy producers I’ve talked…


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A Proud Press Release!

The official press release just came out!  So proud of my husband and his brothers and our amazing staff!



CONTACT:   Whitney Beem                                                FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE…


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And we're off!

As I mentioned in my Jan. 1 post, I'm trying to learn how to use social media to promote this page and our farm. My goal is to master this process using about 15 minutes a day.

So in 3 days, I've mostly done a lot of research. But in a matter of about 5 minutes I did create a fan page on Facebook for this page. I haven't talked my husband into letting me set one up for the dairy, but I'm closer than I thought I'd be at this point. 

Right now, it's a matter of developing a…


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Pinning my Twitter to my Facebook on Tumblr with Instagram

Somedays, the world of social media makes my head spin.

 I discovered  Pinterest a few months ago, and since then, became obsessed with surfing through volumes of ideas and information. For those of you who haven't discovered the new time sucker, let me explain. Think of Pinterest as a giant bulletin board in the sky. For those of us of a "certain age," we used to have these in our bedrooms or kitchens and whenever we found…


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