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CUDS Takes China!

For over 20 years, the Cornell University Dairy Science Club (CUDS) has taken a trip during the winter break. Every other year the club travels to California, and the opposite year is an international trip. On international trip years, half the club, typically the freshman and sophomores and some transfer students travel to Italy while the upperclassmen choose their destination based on a group discussion and our advisor’s ability to make effective linkages to industry professionals.  Last…


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For Soon to be College Students!

As I am about to begin my last semester of college, I can’t help but to look back on the last four years; not making it into my number one college, transferring twice, and seizing every opportunity. For those who make the decision to attend college, it’s a huge transition. The easiest part of being in an agricultural major is finding friends through classes and clubs on campus. While you’re out there hunting, think about what you really want to learn and what direction, or directions, you…


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Our acidified calf feeding system

Two springs ago we converted our old bull barn, from when my grandfather contracted bulls, into a calf barn with mob feeders. Previously we were feeding about 60 calves in hutches and decided to make the switch only putting around $5000 into the conversion. 

When we began this feeding system we were feeding acidified waste milk. We acidified the milk with acetic acid. To do this, the acid is diluted in water at a 10:1 water acid ratio. This solution is then mixed with the milk at a…


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The Roles of a Dairy Farmer

When most people think of future careers today they either have something they're passionate about or they look for a career with the most income. When you think of the diverse jobs in America it can range from jobless, to CEO of a large company and the random jobs in between. For centuries farmers have always been at the bottom of the spectrum, having people look down upon us because we prefer to work in the filth and receive a small amount of pay. In the past one hundred years it's been…


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Why big ag?

As a young farmer my biggest pet peeve is hearing about how awful big, corporate agriculture is. We hear about it all the time; weather it’s an article recently published, or an opinionated peer. With my strong agriculture roots I can’t help but explain how agriculture got to be the way it is today. There are reasons why many people don’t know who their farmers are or how their food was made.

The past one hundred years have changed our ways of living and farming drastically. The…


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