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Jersey Proud to Dairy

Back in 2012, our staff had an idea to create additional versions of the Proud to Dairy logo using other breeds of dairy cows.

We decided to move forward with a Jersey breed version. So the design team at Progressive Publishing went to work on designing the Jersey cow that would take its place in the Proud to Dairy logo.

Illustrator Kevin D. Brown worked on the drawing and digitizing of the cow and the first hat mockup was created. After consulting with a…


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Dealing with SPAM on Proud to Dairy's website

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to give you a quick update. While we hope no one has had to see any of the SPAM that people have been trying to post on the site, we have had close to 2 dozen blog posts of garbage that the site moderators have had to deal with in the last 12 hours.

In response, we are asking all new members of to please provide the color of their eyes. If these posts are being placed by a computer, changing up our…

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Progressive Dairyman magazine proudly serves the U.S. dairy industry.

We have created the Proud to Dairy logo as a symbol of respect for forward-thinking dairy producers and their families. This logo represents dairymen and women sharing and exemplifying dairying’s fundamental values of hard work, persistence, ingenuity, honesty and homegrown success.

These Proud to Dairy families are committed to dairying beyond its ability to provide a paycheck. They acknowledge the values and lifestyle that dairying affords their families. They will continue to… Continue

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History of the logo

We thought it would be interesting to share with everyone the history of the Proud to Dairy logo development, from pencil to computer.

First Sketches

Refined sketch with typography added

More graphic elements added… Continue

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