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Calf Video Goes Viral

Farmers have creative minds when it comes to solving problems.  In the fall of 2014 we installed automatic calf feeders, and for the most part we are liking the results.  The calves are bigger and healthier along with a better quality of life for our family.  There is one thing though that we have been struggling with.  Sucking.  We have noticed more sucking the longer we are in the barn.  We already had exercise ball for the calves to play with.  Talking with our calf nutritionist we upped…


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When a spur of the moment recipe works

Sometimes figuring out what we are going to have for dinner is the most challenging part of my day. The days I work off the farm I try to put something in the crockpot before I leave. It's one last thing to worry about when I get home. This past week I found my self pondering over breakfast what to put in the crockpot that day. Since we are having temperatures in the 90's this week, I wasn't in the mood for a roast or chicken with carrots and potatoes. Those are cold weather meals. I didn't… Continue

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Are your children certified to operate a tractor?

113.  14,000.  2,700.  No these numbers do not represent number of cows being milked on a farm or a rolling herd average.  These numbers are statistics related injuries and fatalities on farms to youth.

113 – the average number of youth under the age of 20 that die annually in farm related accidents.

14,000 – the estimated number of youth injured on farms in 2012.

2,700 – the number of injuries in 2012 related directly to farm work.

I don’t know about you, but…


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Find the Right Fit

Throughout life we have to make choices. Which sweater to wear to work the yellow one or the green one? How to house calves, hutches or inside a barn? What to have for dinner steak or pizza? How many times a day to milk the cows? Buy a house or rent an apartment? Some choices are easy, others can be difficult to make.

With the world at our fingertips these days we can easily seek information to help us make decisions. It's common to find friends asking options on Facebook about a…


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First winter in the new calf barn

Back in November, I wrote about our new calf barn and the switch we made to automatic calf feeders. One important decision for us in the design of the new barn and putting the calves on the automatic feeders was that we would not have to transition them until they were 4 to 6 months old. .

In order to understand this, you first need to understand our calving situation. Years ago, before I was even in…


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Automatic Calf Feeders - The Future of our Farm

The future of your herd starts with the calves. It is essential to make sure that proper care is given to the cow to help the calf be born strong and healthy. Once the calf is born, as dairy producers, we understand the importance of getting colostrum into their belly and good housing. Regarding housing there are many different options from huts outside to individual pens in a building to group…


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Where did the summer go?

My elders are always saying that time never seems to slow down. As the cool crisp air of fall brushes against my cheeks, I cringe at how quickly this past summer flew by. It seems like just yesterday it was the middle of May, and we were separating the show yearlings from the rest of their age group. Thus marking the beginning of summer. We had the county state fair selection show, dairy breakfast, and enjoyed a nice Memorial Day weekend all while school was still in session. It wasn't until…


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Community Pride

Living a rural community, it feels like we are all family.  We may not be family by blood but there is something about the rural way of life and values that pulls us all together.  We can celebrate together at a wedding, cheer for each other’s child at a game, be a shoulder to cry one with the loss of a loved one, and pull together in a time of crisis.  These past two days I have witnessed the last one first hand.

On Sunday June 29, 2014, late in the evening, around 10 p.m. to be…


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The Stories They Will Tell

I can picture it now, my boys are in their 30's walking around the farm sharing stories with their children about when they were a kid.  There will be stories about halter breaking that first show calf, finally being tall enough to milk in the parlor, learning to drive the skid loader, and campfires after a hard day's work.  One of their stories might go something like this:

Your grandmother Christina didn't just help grandpa on the farm, she also taught at the technical…


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A Chipotle Farmers Reaction to "Farmed and Dangerous"

Last May I shared a blog on Proud to Dairy about how our farm is connected to Chipotle Restaurants, and I also shared a smaller version on my personal Facebook page.  My objective was to let people know that when they eat at Chipotle they are supporting their friend.  In September Chipotle released their Scarecrow video, and Dairy Carrie wrote a blog expressing her concern about the portrayal of farming in the video.   I reached out to her and was asked to…


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What do you love?

Every where you look in February you can see hearts along with the colors red and pink.  Love music streams from every radio station.  Little children get giddy deciding between the SpongeBob or Scooby Doo valentines for their classmates.  Dairy farmers share photos of cows with spots shaped like hearts.  Skyscrapers light up in red.  All because of a special day that occurs on February 14th every year, Valentines Day, the day we celebrate the ones we love.

As dairy farmers we…


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2013 A Year in Review

Let's back track into 2012 actually to begin this story.  It was World Dairy Expo time 2012, and I joined PTD to get a free hat at WDE.  Call me crazy but I will do just about anything as simple as that to get a free hat.  After all when you have three boys you can never have enough hats.  Fast forward a couple months to December 2012, and I decided it was tim e to get a…


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Kids and Calves

Every person growing up on a dairy farm has memories of calves.  Even through I didn't grow up on a dairy farm, my parents did get steer calves every summer.  We got to feed them.  Learning how to mix milk, when to offer starter, and keeping them healthy have only benefited me today.  I'll ever forget the first time I let a calf suck on my fingers.  That wet warm tickly feeling still makes me giggle today.


Back in September I asked my boys if they wanted to enter the Kids and…


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Randy Winch Blog 2

Hi I'm Randy winch. I live on a dairy farm that owns 300 cows. this fall, so far we've had 17 female calves and 12 male calves. The boy calves we sell. In the barn doing chores it's noisy!!!!


It takes about 2-3 feedings to get the calves sucking good on bottle.   My favorite part about feeding calves is getting them on the rack so we don't have to go in the pen and feed them.  One time we had 9 calves born in one day!


To bring a calf into the…


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Matthew Winch Blog 2

Number 11 she was born September 3, 2013.  In one day she got on the rack in two feedings.  We had to weigh her and dip her navel and dehorn her after she was born.  And she is black.  And I have a chore and it is grain.  I have to give calves their grain.   And my favorite thing is to feed the calves milk.  And I like to mix up milk.  And I like to get the calves on the rack.

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Wesley Winch Blog 2

I like feeding calves their milk. We use milk replacer and then we put it in bottles. Next we feed the calves their milk. And when they are all done we collect the bottles and wash them. And then we hang them on the rack to dry when we are done washing them. And then we are done feeding the calves. My favorite part about feeding calves is training them to the rack. I like feeding calves in my blue coveralls from UdderTech.

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Randy Winch Blog 1

Hi there I'm Randy Winch and I'm 10 years old. I live on a dairy farm that has 300 cows. We milk 180 cows and the rest are dry cows or calves. 

This year I showed 3 calves at the grant co. fair-Rea, Ruffles, and Kate. I got blue ribbons on all of them, and reserve Jr. Champ. on one. I showed in the club Plum Valley Boosters 4-H club.

Rea is a milking shorthorn and she is 5 months old. Ruffles is a Dutch belt and she is a yearling. Kate is a Dutch belt and she is 11 months old.…


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Matthew Winch Blog 1

At the Grant County Fair I showed a Milking Shorthorn.  And I won a gold coin.  And at the Fennimore Fair I showed a Dutch Belted.  And I won $2.  And I had fun.  And when I get older I want to show like my big brother. 


Note from mom:  It was fun to sit on the couch and have Matthew tell me about showing this summer.  The above words are straight from him.

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Wesley Winch Blog 1

I showed at Grant County Fair in Kiddie Showmanship.  I showed a Dutch Belted heifer that is my older brother Randy's.  And her name is Kate.  I won a golden coin.  And I showed at Fennimore Junior Fair.  And I showed Rea that my older brother bought.  She is a Milking Shorthorn.  I got a dollar and a golden coin.  The Grant County Fair I had to wait a long time before I could enter the ring so it was a little boring to wait.  I thought showing was fun. When I get older I want to show like…


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How My Family Celebrated June Dairy Month

June 2013 has come to a close.  This past month people celebrated June Dairy Month in a variety of ways.  Many different people in the dairy industry challenged us to do something to promote of industry during the month of June through their blogs and Facebook pages.   I wanted to do something but I wasn't sure what.  My time was limited, so I thought about it for awhile.


One day an idea popped into my head.  I went to talk to the person about my idea but she wasn't there. …


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