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Not only Proud to Dairy, but Enthusiastic! :)

As my year as the 2011-2012 Butler County Dairy Princess is in its final week, I have taken a lot of time to stop and think about how my year has gone. It has given me many skills I can use in my life, such as public speaking and even etiquette. But one think I learned in my year as dairy princess is why I am proud to dairy. Being a farmer takes a special type of love and dedication to put forth the effort that it takes to do this…


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Anti-Milk? NOOOO!

I went online to find a cute dairy related pin for my sash and guess what I find? All of them are anti-milk! It upsets me deeply that there are people in the world who want to get rid of milk. :( Milk is nature's most nearly perfect food and there are all these people who have no idea what they are talking about, yet they get so many supporters! I wish that I could inform them of the TRUTH and get them to…


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PETA...what can I say?

Today I got an email from the Progressive Dairyman as usual, and I read through it. But what really caught my eye was the article about how PETA is opening up about their dairy standards, such as group penning of heifer calves and no more dehorning and docking of tails. I decided to comment during the free time I had during horticulture class and I will tell you, I was not very happy. I complained on… Continue

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