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Dairy farmers need to stick together!

Annaliese Wegner wrote an excellent guest blog entitled "There is more than one way to dairy farm" for the October edition of Progressive Dairyman. I agree with her sentiments exactly! Before we sold our herd, we were a third generation, 35 cow, pasture based, tie stall dairy, but we never derided other dairy farmers or the way they chose to run their farms. Now-a-days there are so many different ways to farm - large or small scale farms, high tech or low tech methods and equipment,…


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A great learning experience for children!

Steve and I are part of the Franklin County Dairy Promotion group, which set up a booth at the Enosburg Falls Dairy Festival this past weekend. Our dairy promotion group borrowed a full size plastic cow statue from the St. Albans Milk Co-op and used her to attract attention to our booth. This cow also had some special features. She was able to “moo” and could even be milked!…


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"Our" cows are happy in their new home!

We still call them "our" cows even though they are at a new farm now. Joe, the buyer of our herd, just sent us a message and said, and I quote, “I’m so glad that I bought them. I love these girls to death. So much personality. I think that they were the perfect fit for us.” What a great message for us to receive! It almost brought tears to my eyes to know that "our" cows are doing so well and are so well loved! We are extremely happy that we sold our herd to him and not to someone else. We…


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I just read Yevet Tenney's article in Progressive Dairyman entitled “Writing Your Memories In Advance”. It asked what kind of memories you would have as a senior citizen while you were sitting in your rocking chair looking back over your life. That got me to thinking about all the memories that Steve and I have made during our 16 years running the farm. There are a lot of really good ones. Seeing a newborn calf stand up for the first time. Watching that…


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Still Proud To Dairy!

As our cows left the farm, it was a gray, cloudy day, which accurately reflected our mood. But we found a silver lining to help lighten our gloomy thoughts as we went through the herd sale process the last few months.  Once we advertised our cows for sale, we had a lot of younger farmers contact us about buying our herd. We were so pleased to find that there are still a lot of eager young people who want to get…


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Our Cows Have Been Sold!

Our herd has been sold! We found the perfect new place for them. An enthusiastic young farmer who is just starting his own herd has bought our cows. He is eager to get into registered Jerseys and we know that he will continue on with the wonderful cow families that we have created over the past 40 years. The cows will be leaving tomorrow. Although we will be very sad to see them go, we are sure that their new owner will give our cows a good home and care for them…


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The Hardest Decision A Dairy Farmer Has To Make!

We have been facing the hardest decision a dairy farmer ever has to make – whether or not to sell his cows. After months of hard thought and long emotional discussions, we have decided that we are going to sell our herd. This hasn’t been an easy decision to make, since the farm has been in the family for three generations. It was bought by Steve’s grandfather in 1929 who started a mixed breed dairy herd and maple sugar business. The farm was taken over in…


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The Cows Are Out!

We got the dreaded phone call last night at 1:30 am, saying "The cows are out!". The worst part was, they weren't even ours! A passing motorist stopped in at our farm and woke up Steve's folks to let them know that there were cows wandering down the paved main road. They called us and Steve went down to round them up. However, once he got there, he discovered that it was our neighbor's mixed breed group of heifers, not our Jerseys! But Steve did the neighborly thing and drove them 1/2 mile…


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Frozen water pipes

It was 2 degrees below zero last night, so of course we were worried about frozen water pipes. But not where you would expect. The barn water pipes never freeze up. We have an 1890's tie stall barn but the water never freezes up in there. During the winter it is usually 40-45 degrees in the barn and the air moisture level stays acceptable since we have put in good ventilation. So we are fairly comfortable doing winter chores in our barn. And the cows are very comfortable, too. Of course, if it… Continue

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Christmas on the farm

Christmas is almost here and my husband and I are very excited. We will have 4 days of Christmas vacation starting on December 24th. Of course, like a lot of farmers, "vacation" only means that we will have the time between milking chores free to spend with family and friends. We still have to spend the 3 hours in the morning and the 3 hours at night feeding, milking and bedding our cows to keep them healthy and happy. The hours between chores…


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Hello all fellow dairy farmers

Hi from Fleury's Maple Hill Farm in Richford, VT. I am excited to be part of the Proud To Dairy group, since my husband and I really are "proud to dairy". We love our job taking care of "our girls" so that they are healthy, happy and productive. We have a 35 cow registered Jersey farm and a 2000 tap maple sugar bush. We are the third generation to farm here. We have a very busy life but we both agree that we wouldn't want to do anything else. I have never participated in any social media…


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