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In a Crisis...

You do your best to prevent it, but sometimes there's no avoiding a crisis.  On a farm this could be a disease outbreak, an accident, a fire, natural disaster, environmental damage or even death.  What do you do when the media comes knocking, looking for the story to your loss?

First and foremost, get your game plan together.  You can come up with a crisis communications plan before an issue ever arises.  For the unexpected situation, you might not have time.  Once the immediate…


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I Scream, You Scream!

For the entire month of June, many may have heard about how it was dairy month.  Perhaps you even bought a little extra milk, cheese or yogurt to celebrate.  Dairy consumption actually drops about 30 percent in the summer month as school breakfasts and early mornings have ended for many.  While school may be out of session, three servings of dairy are still needed to support overall wellbeing.  Nine essential nutrients of calcium; potassium; protein; phosphorus; vitamins A, D and B12;…


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Keeping it REAL

One day when I grow up, I want to be a brave and fearless shopper.  Growing up in rural Michigan, trips to the grocery store usually result in bumping carts with at least one neighbor, family member or friend of the family.  The farm scene of pulling up along side the road found its way into the store as carts parked and neighbors caught up.


Moving off the…


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Breakfast in the Barn!

From Wisconsin to Michigan, June Dairy Month means Breakfast on the Farm!  With such great success in Michigan since the first three years ago, Breakfast on the Farm is expanding across the state and regionally connecting to consumers throughout the summer.


One Extension educator started in her county after seeing success in Wisconsin, and they came in droves.  Nearly 10,000 people have made it to breakfast and the farmers are serving up Michigan's finest.  As for producers…


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Thanks be to Moms

The month of May we celebrate moms everywhere.  While the actual holiday of Mother’s Day is just over a century  old in the United States, celebrating motherhood dates back to ancient Egypt, several goddesses and of course, Christianity’s ultimate mother, Mary.


The MMMs…Moms, Mary and May.  Thanks to our moms, we wouldn’t be here without them.  Let’s take…


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Passing a Torch

Promoting Michigan's Dairy Industry, One Story at a Time

How have we skipped ahead to June already? As a whirlwind has past through spring, I’m happy to catch up for any of those who have thought the MI Dairy Ambassadors have fallen off the wagon. Now that February has come and gone, I have relinquished my duties as the senior dairy ambassador and…


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Happy 2010! New Year, New Opportunities

New years are many times celebrated with new resolutions. I challenge you this year to make one step to promote dairy right where you are. In your classroom, community or computer, there are many ways you can help in sharing your dairy story.

Many times teachers and professors allow students to choose topics for projects. Whether you make a virtual tour of your farm, research the nutritional value of dairy in diets or teach elementary students about the new Old McDonald, there are… Continue

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Dairy Awareness Day at “The Rock”

The Michigan State University (MSU) Dairy Club camped out for “The Rock” and spent a day educating students about the dairy industry. “The Rock,” a favorite spot for many MSU student groups, is a rock on the main strip of campus which is painted and guarded daily by students. The MSU Dairy Club took this billboard space to do more than advertise their club.

“The point of Dairy Awareness Day was to promote the dairy industry and also the MSU Dairy… Continue

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Who Am I?

Hello American Dairy Industry! My name is Nicole Schaendorf and I am currently serving Michigan as the 2009 Michigan Senior Dairy Ambassador. I am senior at Michigan State University majoring in Agriculture and Natural Resources Communications, specializing in Agri-Business Management and Public Relations.

I grew up on a dairy farm in Hopkins, Michigan, halfway between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo. We have built our farm from the ground up, starting with 32 cows in a tiestall barn in… Continue

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