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Others are blogging to add awareness

On the RealCaliforniamilk.org site, the California Dairy Princesses are using their experiences and assignments as princesses to advocate for the dairy industry in person and online. Starting September 1, 2008 the new site was started and each of the dairy princesses are able to post blogs about what they do and the schools they visit, etc. Here is the link: http://blog.realcaliforniamilk.com

The… Continue

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Milk talk

By The Milk Lady, Mary S. Fernandes

Dear friends, it’s happening again. Milk is down below support price. It’s unreal how we can go from $20.00 milk to $10.00 milk.

What created this is greed. The world has become so greedy. I can not understand how educated people that make so much money can be so selfish and greedy. Their greed has hurt us all. The banks are in trouble, the stock market, people are losing jobs, their homes, their businesses, and dairy businesses are going out, if… Continue

Added by Ryan Curtis on February 4, 2009 at 4:06pm — 5 Comments


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