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Eager for Dairy

We kicked off Dairy Month a day early yesterday with a whole lot of dairy. Beginning the day with our own local 4H club's annual 4H Project Workshop and Chicken BBQ. 

The workshops are held to help instruct 4H members how to show or just to practice showing different animal breeds at the local fair.  Non 4H members are also encouraged to come out and learn and try handling the animals as well.  Fun for…

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Things that happen in the heifer pasture

Spring is on the way and the heifers are ecstatic…

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A Kid and a Calf

There is almost nothing I enjoy more than watching my kids interact with animals.  Especially farm animals.   With dairy calves, just the kindness of them with a child is so pleasurable to watch.
A baby with a…

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My 1st Time Experience at the World Ag Expo

A few weeks ago when I first mentioned to Dominic that I was interested in attending the World Ag Expo in Tulare, which is located in the central valley of CA, his response was,…

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Calf Tongues

Today while the kids were in school I took a leisurely walk down to the calf barn.  Sometimes it's nice to experience all the calf and cow sounds on my own, without two loud kids at my heels.  Don't get me wrong, I love when the kids come down with me, which is most of the time. …

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"rbST Free" Hormones in Milk, What's the Difference?

We, as consumers, are bombarded on a daily basis regarding the safety of the food we consume. Is coffee bad for you? Is chocolate bad for you? Beef; grass fed, natural or feed lot finished, does it make a difference in how healthy the product is? And then there's MILK. This wonderfully wholesome product get's the worst of the backlash {in my opinion}. There are many avenues I could touch on relating to misconceptions of milk to share with you, but today, it's hormones - bST and rbST- which…


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Sharing My Blogging Journey with DFA Young Cooperators in S.L.O.

As most of you know, this past August I was fortunate enough to attend the AgChat Foundation inaugural social media conference in Chicago with the sponsorship of Dairy Farmers of America and Dairy Management Incorporated. This conference was held with the purpose in helping 50-80 farmers, nationwide learn skills on…

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Milk Testing and Why We Do It

We have our dairy cow's milk tested once a month through the Dairy Herd Improvement Association {DHIA}. This is not a mandatory test, this is a management tool that some dairies choose to use. The testing tells us how many pounds of milk each cow produces, the percentage of butter fat and the more..............…


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Left Stranded

Being stranded. It's a helpless feeling. I was just minding my own business over at the calf barn, waiting for Paige and Dominic to come back so we could feed the calves when "Charlie" the larger of the two bulls we have here on the ranch more............

Nancy Grossi

The Wife of a Dairyman

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News Worthy? Really?! & I think I might be fired


"Yes, this is Nancy."

"You want to do an article on me? And my blog?"

This was the phone call I received last week from Rob Rogers, a reporter for the Marin I.J. Let's just say, I was a bit surprised. This call was spurred on by a national contest I entered, Web Moo.0 by NutriDense with the hopes of winning a trip to Chicago more at…


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Organic vs. Conventional Dairy

Organic vs. “Conventional” dairy. Lately I’ve been reading some misconceptions, misleading information and just misinformation that’s been flying around the blogging world comparing the two. I wanted to respond with true information regarding this subject.

But may I first begin by saying, Dominic and I are friends with MANY dairymen and women, both conventional and organic. We are all friends with one ........ to read more.......…


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Brand New Baby Calf

We never know what we might find on any given day, going to work with Dominic. This morning, as we were feeding the Dry Cows (cows that are not milking at the moment) I happened to look over and spotted a Mama cow with some afterbirth more.......…


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Nothing like a hand sucking in the a.m.-dairy farm style

I am SO loving that school is out for the summer. Our mornings are so relaxed and we have time to hang out with Dominic on the ranch.
This morning Dominic was replacing the straw bedding for the calves in the calf barn so Bryce, Paige and I tagged along.…

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A 1,600 Ton delivery

Our biggest delivery of the year.

As I was headed down our driveway the other day, just before cresting the hill to drive down the hill, I see a very large load traveling up in the opposite direction. I stop to wait (it's a one lane drive). The silage trucks are coming. This means silage more...........…


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How Cows Become Pregnant.......not how you may think.

Dominic and my father in law, George, do all of the breeding of cows here on our ranch. This is done by artificial insemination (AI). Most cows and heifers become pregnant this way and see more.....…


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Milk, cola and the strength of your bones

Well, I guess I'm going to have to give up my Cocktail of Choice - rum and diet cola :(

I just came across a very interesting article in the L.A. Times about a study linking cola consumption to weaker bones. If you want stronger more.....…


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An afternoon at the Birthing Barn

The kids and I were at the birthing barn while Dominic was feeding the calves the other day. It's fun to visit the barn, the kids love feeding the calves their alfalfa and letting the calves suck more......…


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Leisure Time for the Dairy Cows

The cows are SO curious. At one point, I had 30 of them running towards me to check me out. Okay, I admit it.... it kind of more at…


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My afternoon with Temple Grandin

Read about my afternoon spent with Temple Grandin.....what a remarkable lady!

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The Dairy Princess Ball

Last night we attended the California Milk Advisory Board, District No. 3, 53rd Annual Dairy Princess Ball which was held in Petaluma at the Petaluma Veteran's Memorial Building.

The responsibility of the crowned more.........

The Wife of a Dairyman…


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