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5 tips for giving a farm tour

Rob and Christine Waddell of Townville, Pennsylvania, host several farm tours a year on their 900-cow dairy operation, Apple Shamrock Farms. I recently attended one of Waddells’ tours, along with my mom and sister-in-law, so that we could learn some tips for giving tours on our own operation. Read on for my key takeaways, and comment below to provide your farm tour tips.…


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Pennsylvania farm boy publishes dairy book

What does a 12-year-old kid and a cow have in common? Well, they both had to learn to drink milk right after they were born, and both received vaccination shots. Just like the child has his or her toenails trimmed, the cow’s hooves are trimmed.

Newly minted author Philip Herr of Philhaven Farm in Lebanon, Pennsylvania, explores these and many other similarities in a…


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An update on YDLI

It's been a while since I've updated the Proud to Dairy network about my efforts with Holstein Foundation's Young Dairy Leaders Institute. Since I (finally!) completed my project this month and helped a fellow classmate with his, I figured now would be a good time to check in.

Learn more about YDLI here:…


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Share your #dairygirlproblems

Earlier this year, my good friend Karma and I came across a Twitter account called @DairyGirlProbs. I can't convey to you how excited we were.

Unfortunately, neither of us have been able to track down the genius(es) behind this account. If you have any leads, please…


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Former pro wrestler helps to raise the voice of ag advocates

“OK, before we start, I just want you to know that I never had a cheese curd before coming here [to World Dairy Expo],” he said. “Now that I’ve had one, I still don’t understand what all the fuss is about.”

I was taken aback someone would utter those words in the presence of many Wisconsinites, but I guess when you’re 6 foot 4 and 260 pounds of pure muscle, you…


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Mother and son, pursuing a dairy quest

"How many cows y'all milk? Where at? What kind of parlor?"

If Lancelot Holton gets figured out you're from a dairy farm, these will be the first three questions he asks you. Then he'll want to know what other dairy farms you've been on, where they're at and what kind of milking parlor they have.

It's obvious the 20-year-old Georgia native has a passion…


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Expanding our ag knowledge

I recently had the opportunity to interview Michele Payn-Knoper about her new book, "No More Food Fights!" The book focuses on growing the conversation between farmers and ranchers and "foodies," who include chefs, dietitians and many others passionate about food and nutrition.…


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Young Dairy Leaders Institute takes advocating to new level

I recently had the opportunity to be apart of the eighth class of the Holstein Foundation's Young Dairy Leaders Institute. This unique leadership training program is geared toward young (ages 22-45) dairy producers and those working in the dairy industry.

The program is divided into three phases. During Phase I in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we explored our individual personality traits and learned tips on interacting and working with each other. I personally discovered that I'm more…


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Gone, but never forgotten: A tribute to Leontien

I first "met" Leontien through her Twitter account, @4leafclovercow. I asked to feature some of her tweets in a sidebar for Progressive Dairyman, and she responded within an hour. Leontien had also been a member of this Proud to Dairy network from some of its earliest days.

If you check out her page, you'll see she was constantly posting encouraging words…


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The Top 5 coolest things to happen on Proud to Dairy

In addition to having a Christmas theme, the December issue of Progressive Dairyman each year features a year-in-review and showcases the best of the best content from the past 12 months.

Click here to browse through the digital edition. You’ll see the Top 25 most well-read online articles, the Top 5 New Technology articles and a selection of 10 editors’…


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Warm up with broccoli cheese soup

Brr! All this cold weather really has me craving for some broccoli cheese soup. I thought I'd share the recipe for the best kind I've ever had, made for me by my Grandma Caldwell while I was home for the holidays.


The best part of this recipe? The dairy ingredients, of course! It calls for six cups of milk, in addition to cheese and butter.



2 tablespoons butter

3/4 cup chopped onion

6 cups water

6 chicken…


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Students Excel in 2010 Ohio Dairy Challenge Contest

This update was written by Dr. Maurice Eastridge, Extension Dairy Specialist, The Ohio State University and published in the December 2010 Buckeye Dairy News.

The 2010 Ohio Dairy Challenge was held November 19-20 and was again sponsored by Cargill Animal Nutrition. The Dairy Challenge provides the opportunity for undergraduates at Ohio State University to…


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Proud to Dairy's Top 5 of 2010

The following article ran in the first 2011 issue of Progressive Dairyman. Click here to read the digital edition.

After such great feedback from Progressive Dairyman’s Top 25, we thought the Proud to Dairy crowd would enjoy reading similar statistics.


From December 1, 2009 to December 1, 2010, www.proudtodairy.com…


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4-H Students From 20 States Compete at Dairy Quiz Bowl

The following release and photo was provided by Bonnie Ayars, Dairy Program Specialist, The Ohio State University. Click the photo to view at full size in a new window.

Young people who have… Continue

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Hey Midwesterners, have you seen the "Thank a farmer!" semitrailer yet? According to this Vita Plus news release, the trailers will travel more than 70,000 miles in a year! That's a great way for consumers to learn a little more about the people who producer their food! Read below for more info.

Eat food. Be healthy. Thank a farmer!

In an effort to celebrate farmers and the wholesome, nutritious foods they produce, Vita Plus rolled out its… Continue

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New contest from Progressive Forage Grower

For those of you who participated in our June Dairy Month photo contest, I thought you might be interested to hear about the competition from Progressive Forage Grower. We're promoting a Hay Bale Decorating Contest and offering prizes to the three participants who receive the most votes. Learn more: http://bit.ly/3449_BaleContest

Plus, have you seen our World Dairy Expo video?… Continue

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Broadcast your pride

Since launching the Proud to Dairy network in November 2008, we have given away more than 500 hats and posted upward of 180 videos. And these uploads have helped contribute to more than 14,000 views, according to YouTube metrics.

But we know there are plenty more producers out there who are willing to answer the question, “What makes you Proud to Dairy?”

So we’re once again offering free Proud to Dairy hats to dairymen and women who share their dairy pride on camera. There are… Continue

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Dairy farmers making headlines

After checking out the great article that Barbara Martin (aka Dairy Goddess) was featured in, I thought it… Continue

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The Purchase

I'm sure most of you have seen this humorous list before, but my mom sent me it in an e-mail recently, and I thought I'd post it to the site.


I found an old newspaper clipping while digging for something else the other day. I remember the day your dad clipped it out of the newspaper and hung it on our kitchen bulletin board. While I don’t have an author and I may not have the… Continue

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Cute babies and calves in western Pennsylvania

I've been working for Progressive Dairyman magazine for nearly 10 months now, and I'll admit to jumping at the chance to feature Pennsylvanians -- especially here on Proud to Dairy.

Here are two photos I've received from dairy families in western Pennsylvania, where I also call home. They were just too cute not to share!

Pictured above is Miss Makenna… Continue

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