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Well Hello, it has been a long time. I have been up to so much lately that I have fallen behind on blogging. Since I posted last a lot has happened. I have had many articles written about the group, helped prepare my sister and the rest of the Cortland County 4-Her's for Dairy Quiz Bowl, and have tried to stay on top of my studies. Today I want to talk a little about quiz bowl and the importance of 4-H.

I started 4-H when I was 8 years old and participated in many events until I was… Continue

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Willet Dairy

I had the opportunity to visit Willet Dairy yesterday. Willet Dairy was attacked by the media and animal rights groups in the last week. They were part of the reason I started my group on Facebook, which by the way is over 13,000 members, but back to Willet and the impression I received during my visit.

First I want to say that Willet dairy was clean, which as dairy folks know can be 3/4 of the battle. The cattle all looked as clean or cleaner than expected here in Upstate, NY in… Continue

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I wrote last about the facebook page I created, here it is Sunday four days after I created the group and we are about to brake 8,000 people. What amazes me more is the fact that those 8,000 people are talking about there experiences and expressing their thoughts.

My younger sister, who was the inspiration for the group, attended a FFA event this weekend and people were coming up to her asking if she was my sister. This amazed me as well because all I did was start a group on a site… Continue

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Hello all, My name is Erin Jones and I three days ago I created a Facebook group called I SUPPORT DAIRY FARMERS after my sister came home and told me about the New York State English Regents and ABC bashing dairy farmers in the same day! I decided to make a group after searching for one like it but never expected what I got. In less than 48 hours we have 5,000 members, spanning from here in NYS and as far away as Germany and Alaska. I created the group because I was tired of hearing so many bad… Continue

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