12 photos of calves that don't even know how cute they are

1. This adorably festive Christmas calf.

Via Jessica Slaymaker

2. This Jersey calf and her eyelashes.

Via Maggie Ingram

These calves that double as a headrests.


Via Christine Reed


Via Emily Hurd

5. This patriotic calf.

Via MaddieMoo

6. These quadruplet heifer calves that multiply cuteness by a factor of infinity.

Via Dr. Michael Karle

7. This calf that can smile for the camera on command.

Via Brianna Michele Adams

8. These Jersey calves that are spilling secrets.

Via Viki Benefield

9. This calf that just wants to say hello.

Via Emily Caldwell

These calves that are equally scared and excited about their new best friends. 


Via Margaret Daniels


Via Christina Winch

12. And this calf that found a tasty treat... mm, baby arm.

Via Caroline Conley

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Comment by Christina Winch on December 16, 2013 at 8:37pm

My personal favorite is #11.  What a great idea to compile all these.  Makes me smile.


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