40+ Proud to Dairy hats given to VIPs at World Dairy Expo

Thanks so much to all of you who RSVP'd to the World Dairy Expo event on Proud to Dairy.

Progressive Dairyman staff really enjoyed the opportunity to meet so many online faces in person and especially appreciated the efforts of those members who were brave enough to go on camera.

We look forward to sharing video links with you soon!

Proud to Dairy members Sara and Paul Fischer (pictured at right) along with son, Matthew, were a few of the Proud to Dairy members who went on video at the PD booth. Photo by PD Webmaster Ray Merritt.

We handed out more than 40 Proud to Dairy hats to our VIP Proud to Dairy members.

Our Proud to Dairy cooler winner was Patricia Nissenbaum of Dunkerton, Iowa (pictured at right).

You can follow Patricia on Twitter at @milkmaid58.

If you weren't able to make it World Dairy Expo, remember that you can always earn a free Proud to Dairy hat by posting a blog or video on the site about what makes you Proud to Dairy!

Our membership grew by nearly 50 new people in September 2012, and we hope you'll keep the momentum going.

It's super easy to invite your contacts to join.

On the right hand side of your page, you should see a button that says "Friends - Invite."

Hope you'll consider helping to spread the word about the network!

In addition to regular blog posts from members, we're really loving the great photos coming from students at Washington State UniversityMaryland 4-H'er Emily Hurd and Wisconsin dairywoman Sarah Daughtery. Be sure to check them out!  PTD

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