Today, I'm going to take a different route for my blog post.  I have been back home on the family farm for one and a half months now and I'm feeling in a reflective mood.  It's still ironic that I'm finally here after all the years of telling people that's what I was going to do.


Where it All Began
This is where it all began with me! The memories with the family.

Some days, it felt like this time would never come!  Especially when I was working and driving 15 hours a day on my other off farm jobs.  But here I am and I'm so thankful that it has all worked out.


With me being on the farm I obviously like to get dirty.  I like to work hard and not have to worry about what I look like all the time.  Believe me, after I look in the mirror I'm surprised anyone will talk to me, not to mention take me seriously.


After I started working at home, getting dressed up to go anywhere is a production.  Wearing make up is fun again.  My boyfriend asked me why I always get dressed up whenever we go some place, even if it's just the grocery store.  My response was something like, "Because this is the only time I get to do it." I actually wear heals more now than I did when I was working full time.


Me all dressed up for a wedding.
Me all dressed up for a wedding.


Needless to say I am a different duck.  To me, it's the ultimate compliment when people tell me they would never guess I was a farmer.  The reality is, farmers are not the stereotype we are pegged as and we need to show that.  Yes, I am a full time dairy farmer and I love what I do.  But I also wear makeup, do my hair and have a killer collection of heals!


I'm also extremely pale for a farmer, that is not a stereotype but a fact.  Since we're outside most of the day we tend to be tan... I am an exception to that.


On a more productive note, I will be posting my Wordless Wednesday later today after my camera battery charges!

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