A great learning experience for children!

Steve and I are part of the Franklin County Dairy Promotion group, which set up a booth at the Enosburg Falls Dairy Festival this past weekend. Our dairy promotion group borrowed a full size plastic cow statue from the St. Albans Milk Co-op and used her to attract attention to our booth. This cow also had some special features. She was able to “moo” and could even be milked!  So we also were able to use her for our kids’ milking contest. We have used live cows in the past for the contest. But when the gentle old cow from a nearby farm that we had used for years was no longer available, we had a hard time replacing her. The cow that was brought to the Festival last year was terrified of all the people and noise and escaped her handler. So we didn’t have a milking contest last year. But this year we thought that this plastic cow would be the perfect solution! Everyone, young and old, coming to our booth was able to safely try their hands at milking if they wanted. She really was a big success! She attracted a lot of attention and the children just loved her. They laughed when she mooed and they patted her, crawled all over and under her, and squirted “milk” out of her udder into the milking pail. Of course, it wasn’t real milk, only water, but the children enjoyed it all the same. They also had a great time during the milking contest seeing which one of them could get the most “milk” in a plastic cup in 15 seconds. This cow was a great learning experience for all the children and we will definitely be bringing her back again next year! 

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