There is almost nothing I enjoy more than watching my kids interact with animals.  Especially farm animals.   With dairy calves, just the kindness of them with a child is so pleasurable to watch.
A baby with a baby. 
Remember Brittney?  Well on our 'Secret Tunnel ranch walk' the other day, Paige insisted that we visit her at the calf barn.  It wasn't necessary to insist at all because I'm always up for a visit to the calf barn.
We love Brittney.  She's so interactive with us.  Even though Paige fed the calves a little snack of alfalfa, which is in the feeder underneath her, Brittney still took the time to give Paige some love.......and licks.
She gave me some also.

Brittney has the perfect temperament as a prospect to enter in the county fair.......if only my kids were old enough.

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