Action at the Races for Schartner Motorsports!

We have had an unfortunate couple of weeks, but we are still very optimistic about the season overall. The 6th of June was the first race of the Bond Auto Parts Triple Crown Series, with $1000.00 to win the event; it drew a lot of competitors. Our day started with carburetor troubles but we were able to fix the problem, and make it out for qualifying. We started 8th in a field of 17 cars, and the car was holding strong, we moved up through to 5th. With 11 laps to go, Paul went to the outside to pass. Another car followed and got loose, hitting the car beside Paul. This sent him into the back stretch wall, after hitting the wall he bounced off and got hit by oncoming traffic, everything from the steering wheel forward was completely demolished. As upset as the team was, we were all quick to realize that Paul being unhurt was more important than the car. With two weeks off Paul and his father spent the majority of every night working on the car. We repainted the car, replaced vinyl, and with a few trips to Maine to get parts and a handful of all-nighters the car was back to new. June 20th was our latest race, the event was 40 laps and we drove to the races with high spirits. The day started with practice, and we had a fast car. The green flag flew for the first qualifier; the yellow flag was thrown immediately after for a faulty start. The driver in front of Paul hit the brakes and his car spun sideways, leaving Paul nowhere to go but into the side of him. The wreck caused minimal damage compared to the race before. With the help of many people, the car was fixed and was able to race. We started the race 4th and with another wreck later, and a few pit stops we finished 10th for the night. As discouraging as the start of our season as been, we still love spending our weekends at the track, and we are certain that our night is coming.

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Comment by Ryan Curtis on June 30, 2009 at 9:47am
It sure sounds like it's been a rough season so far. Keep pluggin' away. You will be great!


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