It's always fun to give out prizes for a contest. The hard part is that there is only one first place. We had a great response at the polls, 243 votes, and the final numbers were really close. In fact we had a tie for third place. Without further adieu, here are the final results for Contest 2010.

First place goes to Leslie Ann Batistich, who won the Proud to Dairy engraved iPod nano.
Second place goes to Katherine Dotterer-Pyle, who won the Ogio backpack with the Proud to Dairy logo.
Third place was a tie between Eileen Gress and Charlene Barlieb. Eileen and Charlene will each receive a blanket and hoodie with the Proud to Dairy logo on them.

Barbara Martin and Chica, while fashionably sporting their Proud to Dairy hats, narrowly missed placing but will receive either a hoodie or a blanket.

We want to thank all those who participated, voted and encouraged participation. This was a fun contest, and we are already working on plans for another contest for next year. As always, there are some great blogs and videos that will be posted to Proud to Dairy, so keep coming back to see what's new.

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