As I mentioned in my Jan. 1 post, I'm trying to learn how to use social media to promote this page and our farm. My goal is to master this process using about 15 minutes a day.

So in 3 days, I've mostly done a lot of research. But in a matter of about 5 minutes I did create a fan page on Facebook for this page. I haven't talked my husband into letting me set one up for the dairy, but I'm closer than I thought I'd be at this point. 

Right now, it's a matter of developing a routine and making sure I take that 15 minutes to get a picture and get it posted. And frankly, it's been so cold (below 10 degrees) I haven't ventured outside much at all!  It's actually been a good excuse to stay inside and figure out how to manage all these blogs, twitters and websites!

Stay tuned!  

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