Announcing the Back to School Kids & Calves Contest!

It’s hard to believe that summer is nearly done and youth across the country will soon be heading back to school.

The Proud to Dairy network, with the help of sponsor Vetericyn as well as co-creator and California dairywoman Ellen Durrer, wants to help celebrate the occasion with a “Back to School” Kids & Calves contest.

How it works
Entries must be uploaded to, and participants (or their parents) must be a member of the Proud to Dairy network.

The contest will feature four age categories: 8 and under, 9 to 13, 14 to 18 and 18 to 21.

Participants in each category earn points during the contest:
• 5 points earned for each photo they post of calves
• 10 points earned for each blog they post about calves
• 20 points earned for each video they post about calves

Photo, blog and video content can feature participants caring for calves (including feeding and bedding), educating consumers about calf facts and showing calves. Calves featured must be dairy calves. There is a maximum of one video, two blogs and 10 photos per participant during the contest. In the event of a tie in a category, the participant whose video has the most views will win.

Rules and prizes
The parents of anyone under 18 may post on behalf of their children. Include participant name in the title of each submission. (Ex: Jane Doe Calf Photo 1, Jane Doe Blog 2)

The  contest begins Aug. 1 and points are calculated Sept. 30. Winners will be announced Oct. 2. The winner in each age category will receive a Proud to Dairy cooler. Contest participants will be eligible for prizes from sponsor Vetericyn.

Contact PD Editor Emily Caldwell at for questions about the contest or about joining the Proud to Dairy network.  PTD

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