Beaver Springs, Pennsylvania is Proud to Dairy

Producers all over the country are proud to dairy. Another producer has found a new way to share that pride at her local fair. With a little help from Proud to Dairy, Susan Hauck, proud dairywoman and mother of a Pennsylvania county dairy princess, and the Eager Beaver Dairy 4-H club were able to display their pride at the Beaver Community Fair.

“We hung up Proud to Dairy posters throughout the dairy barn at the fair grounds and the show ring and told people what it was about,” Hauck says. “And we had a drawing for the Proud to Dairy hats.”

Hauck wanted to give producers a reason to reflect on the main reasons they are in the business, so she had dairy producers write down why they are proud to dairy. She found that even though times are tough, they all have reasons far more important than money to be in the industry.

“A lot of the [producers] were discouraged because of milk prices,” Hauck says. “One thing we tried to say was, ‘We know you’re discouraged, but yet there is a reason you’re doing this. Why are you doing this?’ Then we would talk about dairying and they would say, ‘Well ... I do this because...’ And I would say, that’s how you want to express your feelings on [the poster board]. I think it helped people realize even though milk prices aren’t the greatest, we still do it because we enjoy doing what we do.”

You don’t have to wait for the county or community fair to gather fellow dairymen and women to talk about why it’s great to dairy. And don’t be afraid to let your neighbors and friends know you are happy to bring them a product that is good for them and great for the community.

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Comment by Jan Holter on November 7, 2009 at 12:22pm
Nice story Ryan!! What a great idea Susan had!! Yes, sometimes it is easy to get discouraged by the milk prices, but stopping to reflect on WHY you dairy is a great way to boost yourself back up and be Proud!! Thanks Susan!!


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