Blog post from Maryland Dairy Princess Renee Wilson

The Upper Chesapeake (Maryland) region dairy princess pageant was held May 26. I remember how I felt in the contestants' position: nervous, uncertain and yet, excited. I decided to run for Upper Chesapeake Dairy Princess when a few friends involved in the dairy industry presented me with the idea. I thought they were crazy. I did not know the duties of a dairy princess. I was simply a farm girl who didn’t mind getting her hands dirty. However, my family and friends insisted, and I tried. I presented an introduction, performed a radio spot, interviewed with the judges and responded to fish bowl questions. All my responses came straight from the heart. I was in shock when they announced my name for the new title. I was then handed a toasting glass and wondered, what am I supposed to say in a toast? They told me not to worry. I would learn everything at the Pennsylvania Dairy Princess Seminar.

At seminar, I met many new friends from Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia and Maryland. I became friends with Danielle Anderson (2011-2012 Frederick County Dairy Princess), Cassidy Schirmer (2011-2012 Eastern Shore Dairy Princess) and Amber Lippy (2011-2012 Carroll County Dairy Princess). Seminar taught us about scrapbooking, writing letters, public speaking, etiquette and most importantly, the dairy industry. Maryland contestants take time at seminar to develop ideas and skills in preparation for pageant and their reign. When we left, I felt much more confident. I had a general idea of the Maryland Dairy Princess Contest and was ready to take on promotions.

Between pageants, I traveled to a few promotions, including farm meetings, baseball games, ag days and schools. Each event was different but contributed to my experience as the Upper Chesapeake Dairy Princess. State pageant included two days of interviews and interactions with the judges. The night was full of energy, and my cousin, Daniel, was my escort. I’m still not certain which he disliked more, the idea of escorting me to the stage or dressing up, but he did it. On stage, everyone was watching. I felt the same feelings as I did at the Upper Chesapeake pageant. I presented my skit and radio spot and answered questions. I had never wanted something this much, and I knew the other well-deserving princesses felt the same way. Finally, it was time to hear the results. A sensational feeling rushed through my body when I heard my name called. I couldn’t stop smiling. I knew I was ready for the upcoming year.

It is incredible how much I learned in that year. My uncertainty vanished, and I love passing on my knowledge to any individual who asks. However, as Dairy Princess you learn something new at each event.

 It is sad to retire from the UCDP position, but I am certain that both Miss Elizabeth Galbreath (2012-2013 Upper Chesapeake Dairy Princess) and Miss Sarah McDowell (2012-2013 UCDP Alternate) will do a fantastic job representing their regions. Good luck to all 2012-2013 Maryland Dairy Princess contestants!

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Comment by MaddieMoo on June 24, 2012 at 3:53pm

That sounds so exciting!  I still have two more years until I can start competing for the title of Oklahoma Dairy Princess, and I can hardly wait!


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