Blog post from Maryland Dairy Princess Renee Wilson

It has been my pleasure to serve as the 2011-2012 Maryland Dairy Princess. The program has given me the opportunity to grow as an individual and participate in extraordinary events. 

Communicating with consumers, dairy exhibitors, milk processors, dairy farmers and politicians, I gained insight and listened to their stories. Through personal experience and the knowledge I obtained this past year from the Dairy Princess program, I was able to dispel myths about the dairy industry and inform people about animal care and the farmer’s desire to produce a healthy product. 

A Maryland Dairy Princess has the power to communicate with individuals of all ages. With a kind and enthusiastic personality, she can encourage thousands to consume “nature’s wellness drink” - milk - and other dairy products. Her knowledge can teach anyone about the importance of dairy, and the care dairy farmers have for their land, cows and products. I cannot thank the Maryland Dairy Princess Association enough. The opportunities I experienced have been life changing.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me throughout the year. My list of individuals is without an end. However, there are a few individuals who have constantly assisted me throughout my journey.

Mary Stewart, my regional coordinator, has traveled with me to events on sunny days, cloudy days and also through hailstorms. I appreciate everything she does to encourage young ladies to promote the dairy industry throughout the Upper Chesapeake region. Laurie Savage, my state coordinator, has traveled with me to near and far places. She has helped me connect with others, create promotions and speak to hundreds of people across Maryland. I could not have accomplished many of my promotions without her help.

I am very grateful for the families who opened their homes and spent time with me during promotions. The Spurrier, Galbreath and Fiedler families have been very generous. Mrs. Yanett Fiedler has traveled with me to numerous school promotions. She has been a fantastic skit-set-up assistant and photographer. Those pictures have now been assembled into my scrapbook with the help of her daughter, Shannon.

Finally, a thank you to my family - the ones who have encouraged me to achieve my goals. They have traveled with me, coordinated promotions, wore milk wristbands and stood behind me from the beginning.

My sister, Haley, has been to multiple promotions but confesses she loves showing her cows more. My mother, Kelly, gladly provided time for me to teach her students at Saint James Academy and was tickled to have a reason to use her fancy new camera. My father, Steve, has taught me the true meaning of dedication. He farms because he loves it. I can speak passionately at every promotion because of him. I love my animals, I love promoting the dairy industry and most importantly I love my family.

Thank you again for supporting me in every decision I have made as the Maryland Dairy Princess.


Renee Wilson

2011-2012 Maryland Dairy Princess


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