Sole Ulcers


Sole ulcers are raw sores, which usually occur on the inner side of the outside claw.  It presents as a bulge of granular like tissue protruding through the sole.  Sole ulcers are often associated with clinical manifestations of laminitis.  Most experts believe that if ten percent of a dairy herd has been diagnosed with sold ulcers, laminitis should be suspected.  However, other factors can predispose dairy cows to sole ulcers.  For example, moisture, manure, excessive wear, and poor hoof trimming.  Sole ulcers typically occur in both of the hind claws.


The initial treatment for sole ulcers is to relive the pressure on the ulcer, this is affected by trimmer. Therapeutic trimming consists of paring out the affected area around the ulcerated sole or lesion.  This relieves pressure and allows healing to begin.  A topical application of astringents and/ or sulfonamides followed by bandaging is suggested to control infection and to prevent the regrowth of granulation tissue. At its worst, the ulcerated area can expand to the point where no hoof-wall structure on the affected digit can be maintained.  Due to this, it is often necessary to block up the unaffected toe such that the pressure can be reduced on the affected one.  If caught early on and properly treated, the diagnosis for sole ulcers is excellent. 



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