Connect with Consumers about Your Harvest

Fall is harvest time around the nation and a perfect time to share the story
of your farm with consumers. People love to connect with farms during
this beautiful time of year. Families spend weekends exploring corn
mazes, picking pumpkins, attending festivals and eating the bounty of
fresh produce being harvested.

On our farm, it’s great to watch the corn harvester go up and down the
field filling the trucks with silage. It’s satisfying to know we’ve
produced quality feed our cows will enjoy through the next year. What do
you love about harvest season? You probably have some great stories –
share them!

Residents in rural communities are curious about what farmers are doing and why.
In an attempt to connect with neighbors and consumers at harvest time, I
created “The Story of our Corn Silage
video and posted it on the
Hastings Dairy YouTube channel to share how we grow, harvest and store our corn.

Here are a few other examples of harvest videos on YouTube:
The Baler Rolls by Will Gilmer, Glimer Dairy Farm
Corn silage harvest at Widboom Farms 2010

Share the story of your harvest with friends, neighbors and consumers. Take
pictures or videos to post on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or whatever
social media you use. Add captions that explain what you are doing and why.

Fall is a time of year people love connecting with farming, so let’s take this
opportunity to tell the story of our farms!

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