Tonight we are under a blizzard warning.  For us here on the dairy farm, that means moving the snow already on the ground further out of the way so we can accomodate the new snow falling tonight.  Tomorrow we will get up, trudge through the snow drifts (will it really snow a foot tonight!?), scrape snow from the barnyard, get cows out of their comfortable freestalls into the stanchion barn, and milk.  What usually takes about fifteen minutes will probably take two or three times as long...

    That's dairy farming.  365 days a year, year in and year out, we take care of our dairy cows.  We will straw the freestalls extra thick tomorrow, but we know with the wind blocked our cows are very cozy and comfortable. 

    So, my first post on this site is hopefully a one-time event this winter!  I know some of our dairy friends out east have dug out of several snowstorms already this season, but here in Michigan its been pretty calm until this one.

     BTW, our kids are texting with friends in the local Meijers store.  We understand that the milk has been totally sold out!  Wow, why do people buy extra milk during snowstorms?  How can we get them to do that every day?  Milk is naturally delicious all the time, so keep clearing off the store shelves!

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