Just before Christmas I blogged about the blizzard roaring outside on our farm.  Some of that snow stills sits at the bottom of the snow mounds from cleaning up after the blizzard.  As luck would have it, that blizzard was the beginning of what has been a weird and crazy winter weather wise here in SW Wisconsin.


In the past month we have gone from 40 degree days to thunderstorms to ice storms to subzero temps and more snow.  All of this within a few days.   Then it has repeated itself.  The ground is frozen so there is no place for all this water to go.  It seems to be ponding in the fields and pastures.  My children had 2 more snow days a few weeks ago along with 2 hour delays scattered throughout.  My husband is complaining about how hard it has been to keep the heifers bedded packs dry.  Seems like he is bedding down almost everyday to make sure they have a dry spot to lay down. 


Has anyone else had such crazy weather this winter? 


I also want to take a moment to thank the dairy farmers who are participating in my pen pal program with the students.


Heres to an early spring just like the groundhog said we have coming.

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