Creating a Facebook Fan page for your farm is a great way to share information with consumers. It’s easy to create and free. Here are some examples of dairy farm Facebook pages:

Dial Dairy
Gilmer Dairy
Hastings Dairy
Orange Patch Dairy
Troxel Dairy

“Friend” or “Like” these pages to receive their updates to share with your friends.

For step-by-step instructions to create a Facebook Fan page for your farm, go to the Ohio Farm Bureau page and locate Discover Your Social Web: An Ohio Farm Bureau Guide to Social Media. Under the publication, you have the option to download the entire guide or sections. Instructions for creating a Fan page are in the section titled “Facebook Business Pages: Getting down to business”. This is a great resource for everyone interested in learning more about using social media regardless of where you live.

Once you’ve created your Facebook Fan page, update it regularly (one or two times each week). Share the day to day activities of your farm. Use photos and videos to tell your story. Share your Fan page address with others via email and your Facebook friends. Print the web address on your business cards and letterhead.

If you have a Facebook Fan page for your dairy, provide the address in the comment section of this blog. Let’s support each other in our efforts to promote dairy!

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