There are a lot of days where I feel my life should be a reality television show.  Okay, maybe that was a lie.  I feel everyday of my life should be on a reality television show. You never know what the farm will throw at you and how your day will go.  This is one of the reasons why I enjoy being on the farm because there is never a dull moment.  But at the same time you never know what will be thrown your way.

Even day to day decisions, it would be easy to make dramatic. 

My dad, “When should we start chopping corn silage?”

Me, “I’m not sure. What do you think?” 

My dad “Whatever decision we make could make or break our next year’s milk production.  This is a really important decision.”

Then go to a strategically placed commercial break.  Once the show comes back from that you share with the viewers how we make that decision each year. Even though it is never that exciting.  Who honestly finds using a Koster tester dramatic? 

Another example, the other day we updated the software on our robots.  We got it all done and one of the extra pieces on the robot was not working and we could not figure out how to get it to turn on correctly.  The robots had been down for awhile so we needed to get them going as soon as possible.  The Lely specialist, my dad and I am standing around this robot wondering why it is not working.  

I say, “We need to get this thing going, the cows are ready to be milked.”

The Lely specialist says, “I know, but this is the first time I have used this software.”

My dad, “Come on, we need to get this going.”

Another strategically placed commercial break.  

If anyone knows someone, who knows someone.  Let them know that I have a great idea for a reality television show and I only demand some royalties. 

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