Dairy Star discusses Robotics and Quality of Life

Today, we’d like to share a recent Dairy Star article, as they feature Tom Anderson, farm business management instructor at Riverland Community College. The article recaps Anderson’s March 17th seminar, focusing on “The Financial and Production Benefits of Robotic Milking” in Elkader, Iowa.

Dairy Star has the full story in their article, Can robotics improve your quality of life?The following is an excerpt from the online article:
Although Anderson said robotics can offer great rewards to operations and the families behind them, they are not for everyone.
“If you don’t want to be with your cows, don’t get robotics,” he said, stating that the robot will not feed the cows, breed the cows, haul manure or do herd health.

In the article, Anderson goes on to explain the different benchmarks for dairies to reach maximum profitability and trends he is seeing with well managed robotic herds.

We encourage you to read full article from Dairy Star, available here.

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