Tonight I had an occurrence,
Which is a favorite to me,
Of owning cows
and workin' In the dairy industry!

I looked to where we have
All our cows due soon to calve,
And saw one showing signs,
That her babe would soon arrive!

Momma's straining,
momma's moanin',
Momma's pushing,
momma's moanin...
All of it was worth it when she looked around and saw,
Her brand new baby bull calf laying snuffling in the straw.

One proud mother, healthy boy,
And me the happy farmer filled with joy!
Without tricks I have been treated And richly so it seems!
For a calf is better than candy, To me on Halloween!
Written by  our daughter and farmer, Margie Weiss 10/31/2013
see more at Weiss Centennial Farm on facebook

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