Our website has grown in popularity, and it’s all because of producers like you that are getting on and sharing pictures and thoughts with others. We have 24 of the 50 states represented in our membership. Pennsylvania is pulling ahead with 30 members in that state, no doubt in large part due to the blogging that Emily Caldwell has done on the website. Wisconsin is second with 12, if anyone is counting. Of our 110 members we have 12 hailing from foreign countries – Canada, Brazil, Mexico, New Zealand and Uganda.

Views of the website have spread even farther. Visits from Germany, France and China have come in the short life of the website.

I share this because it gets me excited that there is a common thread with all these people. Is it cows, milk, ice cream or is it more than that?

Dairy is its own culture, wouldn’t you say? How many other industries make princesses out of young women? What other industry can get people from 97 different countries to travel to the heart of the Midwest for a cattle show? What other industry does more recycling than dairy? There are a lot of great things about the dairy industry! The family unity, the hard work and the dedication, all are part of this beehive of activity we call dairy.

On that note, we want to issue a challenge. We want to open up the lines of communication and creativity and let you design a shirt that is more reflective of the values and industry you hold dear. There are already some shirts on the website store, but we want your imput.

This is how it will work:

1. Become a member

2. Design a shirt with the Proud to Dairy logo on it (right click on image to download). The rest of the design is up to you. You can just use a rough drawing as a place holder for the Proud to Dairy Logo. Click here to download the front of a blank white shirt. Click here to download the back.

3. Upload the file to your member page. And wait for votes.

4. Click on pictures on the main page, or go to the photos section to see designs by others and rate the designs. (1 for least favorite – 5 for most favorite.)

Mean or degrading comments are not tolerated, so don’t be afraid to share your ideas. We want the dairy industry to have a say in what a great dairy shirt should look like. Also, if you have other ideas about possible Proud to Dairy products, go ahead and voice those ideas. If it’s a huge favorite, we will do what we can to make it happen.

The winner of this challenge (highest vote-getter) will win a ceramic Proud to Dairy mug (below). And the design will be featured in the June Dairy Month issue of Progressive Dairyman. So you have until May 26, 2009, to get designs up and vote. PD

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Comment by Emily Caldwell on May 12, 2009 at 7:33am
Soooo cool!!


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