"Design the shirt for SGPDCT" contest from Progressive Dairyman

Calling all past participants of the Southern Great Plains Dairy Consortium – your creativity is requested. Progressive Dairyman is asking you to take your past experiences and turn them into a design, featuring a logo and/or slogan for the 2012 Southern Great Plains Dairy Consortium. 


Submissions will be uploaded to the Proud to Dairy website at: www.proudtodairy.com, and readers will vote through the buttons below each photo. 


The following buttons available for voting:

• The "Favorite" button featuring an image of a thumb

This button is for Proud to Dairy members only. In order for voters to click this button, they must be a member of the Proud to Dairy network. 


• The "Like" button for the social networking site Facebook

Voters must have a Facebook profile in order to click this "Like" button. By clicking the "Like" button, the Proud to Dairy site will automatically post a link on the voter's Facebook profile page.


• The "+1" photo for the Google+ plugin 

Voters must have a Google+ profile to click the "+1" button. By clicking the "+1" button, the Proud to Dairy site will automatically post a link to the voter's Google+ page. 


The votes of all three buttons will be totaled together to determine the final winner(s). 


The submission(s) with the most votes will be featured on the t-shirt of the 2012 Southern Great Plains Dairy Consortium. The winner(s) will also receive a prize featuring the Proud to Dairy logo.



1. Submit your submission via photo or pdf file to emily@progressivedairy.com by March 1, 2012. 


2. Progressive Dairyman staff will upload a photo album of submissions to the Proud to Dairy website at www.proudtodairy.com


3. Voting will take place March 5-15, 2012. Participants of the contest are encouraged to get more votes by sharing information with their family and friends on Facebook and inviting them to join the Proud to Dairy network.


4. The winner(s) will be announced Friday, March 16. Progressive Dairyman reserves the right to combine two submissions (one logo and one slogan) for the design of the shirt. 


5. A photo of the final design will be posted to the Proud to Dairy site. Progressive Dairyman will offer the shirts for sale. Participants and staff of the 2012 SGPDCT will receive a complimentary shirt. 

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