During the Holiday Season - Tell the Family History of Your Farm

During the holiday season, people are focused on family. This is the perfect opportunity for us in agriculture to tell the story of our family farming history. Few people are involved in the production of food in the United States. Some have a connection to agriculture such as fond memories of visiting their grandfather’s farm. For others, their only knowledge of dairy farming or food production is what they see on the news, read in books or learn on the Internet.

We in agriculture know that 99% of all U.S. farms are family owned and operated. Unfortunately, some groups like to create terms such as “factory farm” or “corporate farm” to convince consumers that farms are run by corporations that only care about profit and don’t care for their animals. We in agriculture know this isn’t true. Consumers want to know about the people who produce their food. So let’s illustrate our passion for dairy that’s been passed down from generation to generation.

Share your family’s story via Facebook, Twitter or your Blog. How long has your farm been owned and operated by your family? How many generations have been farming in your family? Tell about a special memory growing up on your farm. It’s great if you have photos to go with your story. Let people know about your deep roots in agriculture and how you value this lifestyle. We are proud to be dairy producers so let’s share our love for dairy with others.

I’ve done this in my latest blog “Generations of Dairy Farmers”. I hope you’ll check out my family story and share your own.

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