The last four months have absolutely been amazing. I have traveled the beautiful state of Oregon speaking to kids and adults alike telling them about dairy farms and promoting a diet filled with 3 dairy products everyday. Just this last week I traveled to Southern Oregon to Medford  a town about 30 miles  north of the California Border. While I was there I got to partake in two “Farm to Markets”. “Farm to Markets” are a program put on by the Food Service companies in elementary schools. The dairy princess is one of 5 different booths explaining different aspects of Agriculture and healthy eating. During these two days I had the opportunity to speak to over 1,000 kindergarteners through sixth graders. It is a lot of fun seeing the kids light up when they learn something new. I especially love talking to the younger kids because they get really animated when I am talking about the details. I get lots of “ooohhhs” and “ahhs”.

I also had the opportunity to participate in Oregon’s Dairy Day at the Capital in Salem. This event was designed to go into the capital and speak with the politicians about some important legislation that will greatly affect dairy farming in our state. Of course as with any dairy event there were plenty of Oregon cheeses, ice cream, yogurt, and milk to go around. I had the opportunity to be introduced on the floor during the sessions for both the senators and the representatives. It was quite the experience.

In the next couple of weeks I am looking forward to quite a bit more travel and the opportunity to speak with even more kids. I am particularly looking forward to the Agriculture Fest which will be my first event with the newly crowned county princesses! Stay tuned for next month’s blog on my experiences!  

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