Minnesota Farm Guide features Lely customer, H & JJ Johnson Dairy Farm, located near South Haven, MN, in article on robotic milking. In the article, titled Robotic Milkers Let Cows Choose Times for Milking, Joe Johnson explains several aspects of the Lely Astronaut robotic milking system, including how the robot milks and provides information on all 230 cows milked on the farm.

Below is an excerpt from the article, written by Minnesota Farm Guide Assistant Editor, Andrea Johnson:

The computer generates reports that are displayed as a “dashboard,” making it easy to interpret each cow’s numbers. Conductivity levels of the milk are also tracked, and if that changes – the computer lets Joe know.

“It’s so easy to find if anything is wrong with the cows,” he said. “It seems like the cows are a lot healthier, they are a lot calmer. It’s just the environment. The cows are eating, laying down and getting milked.

“They say that when you put the robots in, you’re better off leaving them alone.”

Using robots is designed to save money over the long term, he added. The Johnsons no longer have to employ eight part-time employees to handle the milkings, so they feel they have saved those salaries.

The cows are also expected to produce an extra 10-12 pounds of milk daily.

“It seems like it’s going well,” Joe said.

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