As I am about to begin my last semester of college, I can’t help but to look back on the last four years; not making it into my number one college, transferring twice, and seizing every opportunity. For those who make the decision to attend college, it’s a huge transition. The easiest part of being in an agricultural major is finding friends through classes and clubs on campus. While you’re out there hunting, think about what you really want to learn and what direction, or directions, you want to take. The best part of majoring the in ag industry is there are SO many opportunities no matter what you want to do!

I’ve always known I wanted to attend college in a place where I could learn from peers about different dairy systems and be able to share experiences. I absolutely loved the first college I attended but felt so different from other dairy students, because there were many with little dairy production experiences. At my next school I was surrounded my many dairy classmates however, the education wasn’t as challenging as I had liked so I transferred again; to my number one school I didn’t get into as a freshman.

Although the classes are challenging, I enjoy it. You’re junior and senior year is when you can take all the fun classes (assuming you take all your other requirements right off the bat). Because I transferred so much I missed out on the opportunity to take some fun electives and going abroad would have tightened my class schedules too. (It’s also very good to tell you advisor if you want to go abroad ASAP). One of the most important lessons you can take away from college, are the ones where you go beyond the classroom and attend conferences, club meetings, become involved, or even join a judging, quiz bowl, or dairy challenge team. You don’t have to push yourself academically to have a successful college career.

Although I am still unsure of my post-grad plans, I am looking forward to reconnecting with all my friends after graduation in our future careers. There are endless opportunities...even if you don't know what you want to do!

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