Yesterday at lunch we got a phone call from Iowa informing us our LELY was on a truck and ready to "immigrate" to Michigan.  (I am thinking of this whole venture in terms of history , my college major...What would Johann Leonhard Weiss, born in 1823, think about this?)  We were told to look for a truck around 7 a.m. this morning. 

        With everything going on around here, we've all become sound sleepers.  I woke up at 5:30 and told Roger to get up!  He had wanted to finish milking before the truck arrived, but that requires having milkers on at 5a.m. ... 

         Margie spotted "Johann" coming down the road at 7:00 a.m., right on time.  Look at the smile on her face!  At almost 21 (May 25 birthday) she knows what a difference this piece of equipment is going to make in her lifestyle.  We hope to have Johann working by her birthday.  Its by far the most expensive piece of farm equipment we've ever bought...more than we paid for the home farm!  But, worth every penny for the records it will keep and the freedom it grants us to do other things better, too, on the farm.

        By 8a.m. we had him unloaded from the truck. Our LELY service rep, Eric Inbody, was here, too, for all the excitement of unloading the first robot milker he has sold.  Our teleporter took Johann off the truck bed and set him down in the yard.  We are still finishing up the robot barn, so he may be a wanderer before he settles permanently and becomes "working staff"!

        Yesterday we had temps in the high 80's all day long. No rain, although it looked threatening in the late afternoon.  Today the steel package arrives for the barn, and an electrician is here to do the wiring in the milk room and in the office.  It is supposed to be hot again today, and the humidity level is also high. 

        I also have a Health and Safety Fair to go to this afternoon at our local elementary school.  I will be promoting dairy goodness to 2,3,4th graders and sharing string cheese with them.  Should be fun!


    Lydia, Scott, Grandpa Dave, Roger, Eric Inbody and staff were on hand to welcome Johann LELY to our farm.

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Comment by Lely North America on May 16, 2011 at 10:44am

Thank you for sharing pictures of "Johann's" arrival - congratulations! We look forward to future updates as he becomes "working staff" on your farm.


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